Abel Zimmerman Builds The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses

This week’s Tiny House Podcast features carpenter, nerd savant and maker of unquestionably the most beautiful and artistic tiny houses in the world, Abel Zimmerman and his crew at Zyl Vardos. They are the cream of the tiny house builder crop. Abel’s tiny houses look like blends of fortune cookies, boats and artistic flair, as unforgettable as they are eclectic. We snagged Abel for an hour to talk about where his inspiration comes from, how he became a tiny house builder and why, what does the future hold and what his family really thinks about making a living building art with his bare hands. Join us.

To view Abel’s work go to his website www.zylvardos.com

Abel Zimmerman

3 thoughts on “Abel Zimmerman Builds The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses”

  1. It’s true. I’ve been following Mr. Zimmerman’s homes for several years now and his designs, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality are far above most everyone else out there. Absolutely beautiful! Well done, Mr. Zimmerman!


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