The Trove Tiny House Plans

The team at Tiny House Plans has just introduced a new set of plans for a cool tiny house on wheels.

The Trove is a remarkable tiny home that holds the key to a joyful life! This thoughtfully designed residence boasts a generous 10-foot width and extends 32 feet in length, offering a spacious 320 square feet on the main floor, with the option of two additional lofts accessible via stairs. “The Trove” is the embodiment of a Tiny Home on Wheels that is far from tiny.

The main floor features a well-appointed bedroom with the possibility of built-in cabinets for storage, making it an adaptable space that can transform into an office or suit your preferences.

The ceiling above the main floor bedroom stands at a comfortable 7 feet, ensuring a cozy atmosphere. Looking for an Office? We designed the perfect place for a Murphy bed if you’d prefer a multi-purpose room!

living area

With its wider floor plan, this home accommodates a comfortable arrangement where the sofa is positioned opposite the TV, allowing ample room for mobility. The kitchen, while compact, is remarkably functional, providing enough space for meal preparation and cooking, making you feel right at home.

The bathroom, though compact in size, offers a livable layout with ample storage thoughtfully integrated around the toilet area. Natural light flows in through a privacy window positioned high up, ensuring it doesn’t feel confined.

kitchen and loft 2

The loft floor situated above the kitchen and bathroom boasts a height of 6 feet and 8 inches, providing room for a full stackable washer/dryer set if desired. Alternatively, you can opt for a combination laundry unit and utilize the space above for additional storage.

Our comprehensive set of construction drawings includes all the essential details, making it easy for you to embark on a DIY project or obtain an accurate quote from a builder.

floor plans

These detailed plans encompass crucial connection points, ensuring that the construction process is straightforward and well-informed.*

For those seeking a more spacious tiny home, “The Trove” stands out as a cost-efficient and easily constructible design. It represents the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and smart design, making it the ultimate choice for your tiny home journey.

The Trove plans are available on Sale for a limited time.

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*It’s the end users responsibility to ensure the plans are approved by a local engineer to meet all local building codes.

floor plans 2

The Trove tiny house

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