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Shipping Container Cabin Plans Julia

Container homes are great because they consist of a reused container. This plan is for one of the smaller containers, the 20 footer. This is a very basic home but has everything one would need to live comfortably. It includes a bathroom and kitchenette and a bedroom living room combo.

A container home can be set on a foundation but is still mobile with the help of a container mover.

Shipping container cabin plans Julia is a unique model of a house plan which combines elements of low-cost solutions for living and minimalist design. The result is a creative solution for those who are looking for alternative housing.

It is a one-story, single bedroom house with a porch. Thanks to the design, the house can manage to sleep up to two people and yet provide enough space for a living room/dining room combined with the office, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Another big advantage of this house plan is its modifiability. You can buy more shipping containers to add an extra story, or you can add other openings for window and much more.

DIY Building costs for this container are quite affordable at $14,500

20ft / 6m Shipping Container DIY Cabin Plans

  • complete set of cargo container cabin plans
  • construction progress + comments
  • complete material list + tool list

The plans are available here at Pin-Up Houses.

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Lee Paladin - April 30, 2019 Reply

This shipping contain cabin is absolutely amazing! The without a doubt the widows separating the living space and the porch/out doors gives it that extra Wow! that keeps it from feeling to enclosed. Thanks for the photos and for sharing the Julia plan.

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