Minim Tiny House Plans

The Minim tiny house has become one of the most iconic tiny homes in the U.S.

With no loft, no walls, and great vaulted ceilings it lends itself to a modern spacious feel. A perfectly refined mobile tiny home, studio, ADU or AirBnB guesthouse.

The philosophy behind the Minim is pretty simple: a contented life is largely independent of the size of one’s dwelling. We, humans, can and must live more sustainably, but not without style. Living in a small structure should never feel compromised- it should feel amazing.

With these principles we sought to re-imagine what the micro house can be, adding livability, streamlining construction with SIPs, modernizing aesthetics, and increasing off-grid versatility. It took time- 7 months to perfect the plans, 1 day for every square foot! But this time and 6+ years of full-time life testing, the design is now fully refined.


Minim features a full-size roll-out bed (avoiding the many inconveniences of a loft), a highly functional 10’ galley kitchen with deep sink, 2 burner gas cooktop, full-size microwave, 7 cu ft fridge/freezer. A moveable hydraulic table functions as a dinner table for 6, a coffee table, extra kitchen prep space or a bar, or a window desk.

Minim tiny house

For entertainment, a large movie screen functions doubles as a window shade. The sofa is 8’ long, seats 5 and can double as a guest bed. On top of the bed platform is a separate 5’ desk and 5’ closet. The closet can be widened slightly if desired to accommodate a combo washer/dryer. Bookcases on 2 walls can hold over 150 books.

Minim tiny house

For heating there’s room for a Dickinson propane fireplace and wall panels, for cooling we’ve hidden a through-the-wall A/C into the desk shelving (you could alternatively put in a mini-split). The bath is a ‘wet bath’ and accommodates any type of toilet desired. We also include all the specs to make Minim fully off-grid with a solar array, battery bank, propane heat, and rainwater collection/storage/treatment.

Minim tiny house

Minim House is 11’x22’, with 210 ft2 of interior space.  Of course at 11’ wide, Minim House is a wide load.


Number of bedrooms / sleeping areas


Square Footage

210 sf



Approximate Cost to Build DIY


Approximate Cost to Have Built


Check out the plans here.

Minim tiny house

Minim tiny house

Minim tiny house

3 thoughts on “Minim Tiny House Plans”

  1. Love, love the interior. That sliding bed is super. The exterior not so much. It may have more to do with the grounds, and that can easily be transformed I think.

  2. Actually I really love this house! I don’t like where it is but if you put it in a yard by itself it would be great.

  3. I really like this, looks very spacious. The sliding bed is great! I don’t like the table, needing holes to place. A adjustable table (high/low) on wheels would be much beter.


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