Gable Roof Ginger Small House Plans

The Gable Roof Ginger falls between a tiny house and a small home. At 458 square feet, it is just above the 400 square foot where most consider the top end of a tiny house.

Ginger is built using the charming and structurally sound timber frame. This type of structure gives a very attractive and strong structure.

With a footprint of around 12 feet wide by 24-foot length you have the width of a standard room and a size we are all familiar with. With three bedrooms, this is a tiny/small home that would work great fine for a small family.

The loft itself is 229 square feet. Ginger also includes a 32 square porch for outdoor living.

This is one of Pin-Up Houses’ most popular sets of plans. If these qualities interest you, learn more at their site.

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  1. I like the layout, however the third paragraph says that it has 3 bedrooms. The plans only show 2 bedrooms.

    And why not make it a full 24′ long?


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