76-Year-Old Psychologist Fulfills Dream; Building A Tea House

The turbulent world around us hammers on relentlessly causing unrest and imbalance in our lives. People all over now seek refuge for their scattered souls. That’s why we have designed a tea house based on the Japanese Zen tradition: A place for silence, meditation, and for a pause in time and space, an escape.

Based on Pin-Up Houses’ developed construction plans, several of these tranquil tea houses are already standing in different places worldwide. This one was specifically built by Andrew in New Zealand. We are very impressed with its workmanship, as well as with the beautiful location in which it is situated. Andrew had no previous construction experience, yet he overcame all obstacles, and finally, after some time he completed the house successfully. We were very interested in his story, so we were glad to be able to ask him several questions. You can read his interesting responses in this article (https://www.pinuphouses.com/a-76-year-old-psychologist-fulfilled-his-dream-built-a-teahouse/).

When designing this house, we strictly adhered to the principles of the traditional Japanese tea house. The most important functional parts of the building are shown in an axonometric view.

We drew our inspiration and knowledge from different sources, for example from Wikipedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chashitsu)


  • Design: Joshua Woodsman – Pin-Up Houses https://www.pinuphouses.com/
  • External Dimensions: 2,9m x 2,9 mm / 9’-6” x 9’-6”
  • Construction time: 3 months
  • Material: construction timbers, tatami, shingles, plywood, wooden foundations
  • Location: New Zealand’s North Island
  • Builder: Andrew
  • Photographer: Andrew

Tea House Plans

Tea House interior

Tea House Exterior 2

Tea House Exterior 3

Tea House round window

Tea House

Tea House Exterior

Tea House Exterior 2

Tea House windows 2

Tea House Exterior


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