Tiny Houses and Mobility.

When tiny houses on wheels became popular, one of the possibilities was traveling and living short-term wherever you chose. However, the reality is that most tiny houses on wheels are extremely heavy and the wheels were really meant to just move a short distance and park the home.

Still, there have been many people who make the choice to do it anyway and have traveled all over our country and even as far as Alaska.

If you plan to do this with your tiny home you will need a truck large enough to handle the weight of the tiny home. You will also need a budget for the fuel that it will cost to tow your home. You are towing a big heavy block down the road and your gas mileage will let you know.

The pluses of this type of living are that you have a real, insulated, and cozy home to live in. Not a lightweight RV that comes with its own downsides. To feel like you are truly at home in your house is a wonderful feeling.

Emily Gerde returns this month with an article that goes into the details of living with a family in a tiny house on the move—while still searching for the perfect forever home.

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