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Tiny House in Denmark

Denmark tiny home

With a growing number of tiny house enthusiasts in Europe, we are excited to feature one from Denmark on our cover this month.

Denmark has been especially slow in adapting to the idea of mobile tiny houses and has very strict regulations.

Instability in work and everyday life due in part to COVID-19, and a focus on climate change is opening the country to look at other options.

Peter and Marie Cox have accepted the challenge and have built a tiny home from scratch and are sharing their experience with others who want to live tiny in Europe.

With no previous building experience, Peter and Marie took an old sailing boat trailer and designed a home to fit their needs.

Learning as they built, it took them five months to complete their dream tiny home. Their reasons for going tiny included the impact of climate change and the option to live more minimally. The couple’s finances were also a strong reason to downsize.

“Try living tiny before going tiny,” Peter suggests to people who are thinking of going tiny.

I hope we can feature more tiny homes from around the world in future issues of the Tiny House Magazine.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Life Is Uncertain. Don’t Forget To Play.
  • Read On
  • Garage Chronicles
  • Building a tiny house in Denmark.
  • Trading Tiny For Tiny
  • I’ve Got The Fever
  • Is a Horse Trailer with Living Quarters Worth It?
  • Wonder From Down Under
  • 10 Positive, Personal Traits Made Possible Through Minimalism
  • How did we get here? Forever Versus Failure
  • Space Lust and Atomic Shame
  • Going Home Or Coming Home? When v.3.0 becomes your life

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