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Tiny House Decisions

Three Moose Manor

Living tiny in itself is a big decision. Figuring out how to design the space for full time living is also a challenge. Add in the option of living green or off-grid complicates it even more.

Danelle Campos shares her thoughts on building a tiny house and how the number of decisions can still rival a large, traditional home.

She discusses what to consider if your trailer is your home’s foundation. She also covers permanent structure foundations such as concrete and semi-permanent pier and beam foundations. In addition she goes over exterior and interior wall structures as well as window door, and roofing choices.

Andrew Odom writes about the off-grid myths surrounding tiny houses that frequently may need to move around.

He covers common misconceptions around bathrooms and compost toilets, wood stoves, rainwater catchments, water filters, solar system choices, generators, and doing laundry while living off the grid.

There is lots to learn in this issue. Enjoy!

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Full Home Unfolds In 1-Hour, Kitchen and Bathroom Included
  • A Movable Shoe Closet – One Heart, Two Feet
  • Dispelling The Myth Of The Tiny House
  • Green Clean – Professional Tips To Green Clean Your Tiny House
  • On The Cover – Three Moose Manor
  • The House Stands Firm
  • Building Dreams with Vansmith
  • The Most Important Home Buying Advice You’ll Ever Hear
  • Flashback Article – The Tiny Bathhouse
  • Relentless Proximity: A Love Story For Tiny Spaces
  • Seen & Scene withTiny Living NC and Chris Strathy
  • You Can Show Yourself To The Door
  • It’s Getting Hot in Here
  • The Last Call – Chris Strathy and Treehouse in the Woods

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A few pages from the Tiny House Magazine Issue 102


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