The Prepared Tiny Home

Being prepared for emergencies wherever you live is important. It might even be more important if you live in a tiny home. Andrew Odom, content editor of the Tiny House Magazine, has a great article on how to prepare for various inevitable emergencies. Here is a brief overview of the article and I encourage you to read the full story on page 64.

How do you find space for emergency items in a tiny house?

Storage for extra supplies in a tiny house can be a challenge. A great place to consider is under your bed. In a loft, it may be more difficult but if you have a bed on the main floor consider a raised bed with a lift from the top entry.

Your nightstand is also a great space to store items such as candles, an herb garden, and boxes of ammunition. You can also turn that shelf into a small cubby and make room for an extra pair of glasses or contacts, extra meds like Tylenol or even Band-Aids, and self-defense items.

Turn extra warm blankets into home decor. Throw them over your futon for added comfort or place them on the end of your bed or pinned to a wall to create a unique tapestry.

Utilize your vehicle as much as possible. Extra space in the back seat, trunk, or truck bed can be used to store (and transport) emergency items or household kits.

This is a brief of an article in the  latest issue (November,  2022) of the Tiny House Magazine Issue 119.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
  • Is Success Closer than You Think? Or Farther?
  • On The Cover – Modern Tiny Living
  • When Going Tiny Is A Lesson In Love
  • Making the most of Working in a Small Space
  • Why My Mother Couldn’t Have Lived in a Tiny House
  • Mixing It Up
  • Get The Skinny
  • Behind The Scenes a Tiny House YouTube Channel
  • Scene And Seen – Southeastern Tiny House Festival
  • The Prepared Tiny Home

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Here are a few pages from this issue:

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