The Dark Side – THM 75

The media, TV, Instagram, YouTube and blogs can paint a pretty exciting picture of living in tiny houses. They tend to glamorize the life and make it look like the perfect option. However, the reality of it can be quite different.

This month Stephanie Kubes shares some real life experiences and emphasizes the reality of maintaining a tiny house. Not only are there unique chores such as cleaning out the solids of a composting toilet, dumping the urine bucket and periodically leveling the house, but depending on where you live, there’s a lot of prep work to prepare for seasonal changes. Can you say “Polar Vortex”? She also discusses specific issues such as battling condensation and the technicalities of parking a tiny house.

If you are considering downsizing, check out Stephanie’s story, but don’t lose heart. It can all be worth it in the end.

Below are just a few of the pages from this magazine issue.

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Kevin Ophoff - March 26, 2019 Reply

Telling people the good and the bad is a good service. Folks will be a lot happier with their result if they really know what to expect. I try and emphasize that on my website too:

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