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Parking Your Tiny House

Tiny House Parking

Often the biggest challenge for those who want to become tiny house homeowners is being overwhelmed by the difficulty in finding legal parking. This is especially true for a tiny house on wheels since the nearest classification for this type of home is a recreational vehicle. In many places across the country living in a recreational vehicle full time is illegal.

Jasmine Rakow, who is connected with TinyFest Events, writes an article this month on where you can legally park a tiny home on wheels in California.

California has been adjusting its laws to address the Addendum Dwelling Unit law and to make tiny houses more of an option in their crowded and expensive housing market.

Lisa Karen Ward also has an article in this month’s issue on how she received 40 offers for locations to park her tiny house on wheels. She shows you eight ways to find people willing to offer you a space.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that finding parking is possible and don’t let the challenge discourage you from making a tiny house your home.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 110 is fresh off of the ePress.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Life Unplugged – 2 people. 1 truck. A 3000 watt adventure.
  • How I Got Over 40 Tiny House Parking Offers
  • Building A Better Future
  • On The Cover – Homestead Tiny House
  • TikTok, DIY, & Videos That Make You Ralph!
  • The Accidental Contractor
  • No Longer A Cottage Industry
  • Going the Extra (Tiny) Mile
  • How I Became an Early Riser
  • Hillbilly Hot Tub 2.0
  • Plan Prepare Perform
  • Everything You Need To Know Legal Parking in California
  • Building a Better Composting Toilet
  • Anxiety and the Tiny House
  • Accessorizing Time
  • The Last Call – Perch & Nest

Purchase your copy here.

A few pages from this issue.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 110 cover

Tiny House Magazine 110 index

Tiny House Magazine 110 contributors

Tiny House Magazine 110

Tiny House Magazine

composting toilet

Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine

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