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Make 2022 the Year for Your Tiny House

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If you have been dreaming of making a tiny house your new home, 2022 is the year to make it happen.

Turning a dream into reality can be a daunting process and without certain steps and guidelines you can easily hit a wall and end up with another year gone and no forward momentum.

To get a head start, check out Jordan Whinnem’s article “Setting Your Intentions”. Her guide will give you the steps to start taking right now and how to finish out the year right.

Laura LaVoie echoes Whinnem’s steps by encouraging us to still look forward into the future—even when the future seems to be uncertain. Amy Willard reiterates the fact that our futures are not just about ourselves. Her article, “Why We Must All Help” discusses what we can do right now to help with the climate crisis (hint: go tiny).

Thank you again for reading our magazine and we hope to see you here throughout the rest of 2022.

A few pages from this issue in our new Flip Magazine format coming to the subscription area this month.

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Inside this issue you will find:

  • Getting A Good Deal
  • Korallus Tiny Homes – Keep Your Eyes Out
  • Why We All Must Help – 10 Actionable Steps to Counter the Climate Crisis
  • On The Cover – Summit Tiny Homes
  • To leave, or not to leave? That is the question
  • Making A Shed A Home
  • Tiny Living, Big Decisions
  • Dream Machine
  • 12 More or Less Resolutions You Can Start Today to Improve Your Life Forever
  • Stories From a Former Tiny House Dweller
  • Life Lessons From The Village
  • Setting Your Intentions
  • Staying Positive while Facing an Uncertain Future

A few pages from Issue 109.


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