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Living Tiny and Growing a Garden

Tiny House Magazine Issue 113

Just because you choose to live tiny, be it a tiny house, a tiny apartment, or traveling in a van doesn’t mean you can’t have an indoor or outdoor garden.

“A garden provides a healthy alternative to some of the store-bought veggies we use every day, but a garden in a tiny home, is this even possible? Yes, it is and can be very easy once you start thinking of your space and how much you really do have,” Jeffrey Walters says.

To start a basic garden you can use something as simple as a planter box placed in a van window. This can give you the greenhouse effect you need to start and grow your mini garden. Or if you live in a tiny house place the same garden planter box on your outdoor window sill and grow your herbs and small veggies.

One simple way to handle watering is to use a simple greywater conversion system. Recycling your water is one way to keep the weight of water down and a great way to get a second use from this precious source.

When you have very limited space consider hanging baskets, windowsill planters, and wall gardens.

Learn how you to can add this wonderful function to your tiny space with Walter’s article, “Living Tiny and Growing Your Garden.”

The digital Tiny House Magazine Issue 113 has been published

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Inside this issue you will find:

  • 7 Quotes That Forever Changed My View Of Money
  •  Boxable – Folding House
  • Up In Smoke
  • On The Cover – Perch & Nest
  • Living Tiny and Growing Your Garden
  • Why I Hate Bucket Lists
  • Reidentify the meaning of Work From Home
  • Traveling With Kids – Tips From A Tiny House Mom
  • Serendipity & Sasquatch – Dave Mason’s unique campers
  • Scene & Seen – Georgia Tiny House Festival
  • Tiny Art Big Meaning
  • Double Doozie Digs
  • Goin’ Fishin’ In Style
  • The Last Call – Perch & Nest

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