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Living Outside the Box

More often than not when most people think of a tiny house the first thing that comes to mind is a tiny house on wheels. Tiny houses have somehow been put into a box. As we all know there are many options besides this.

In this issue, we look at a couple of different alternatives to this box. Jason and Heather Hutchins are expedite truck drivers that live in their Freightliner Cascadia. This is a custom design that they developed for themselves and it looks very comfortable.

Would you consider living on a catamaran in the Bahamas? With a little work it can be done, and the salty tales of the boat, Knot A Clue, is proof that if you dream it, it can and will happen.

It is also important if you are designing your own home to make it work for you. Some people want a big living area, or a large working kitchen, or a bathroom with a tub in it. Christina Jones walks us through the process she went through before designing her tiny house on wheels.

Don’t put tiny houses into a box, enjoy the diversity.

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  1. Expedite Truck Drivers Tiny Home
    Do tiny houses extend beyond just small houses built atop a trailer? Just talk to Jason and Heather Hutchins, expedite truck drivers that live in their rig while they travel the highways and byways.
  2. Why I Designed My Own Tiny Home
    My thought process for designing my tiny house on wheels was fairly simple. I knew what I wanted and I designed with that as my end goal. It is simple but also very personal.
  3. Knot A Clue – Live Aboard Catamaran
    How did two individuals escape the hustle of Los Angeles to live aboard a 43-foot catamaran? It wasn’t easy and it required trial and error. However, Knot A Clue is proof that dreams can happen.
  4. Top 5 Lesson’s I’ve Learned Working from Home
    From the outside looking in, it appears that tiny house folks have this whole thing all figured out.
  5. A Pantry By Any Other Name
    The Capable Carpenter, Chris Strathy, has been working for several months on creating Outpost Stations to help those in need in his community. The idea has come to fruition and bigger than he ever thought possible.

Below are a few pictures of some of the articles in this issue.

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