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Downsizing Challenge

Tiny House Magazine 122

With the cost of houses skyrocketing and affordable housing basically a joke, tiny houses are looking more like an alternative for many more people.

Preparing to live in a tiny house can be a challenge though. Downsizing your belongings and preparing to live in a smaller place are just the first few steps.

In this month’s issue, we have a couple of great articles to help you get through the process. “Guess What? It’s here! Downsizing Day!” written by Anita Brienza shows the more humorous side of decluttering and proves that no one is perfect.

In her article, “It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint”, Macy Miller says, “A dream written down becomes a goal. A goal broken into steps becomes a plan. A plan with work boots on becomes your reality.”

If this is truly your goal then you can make it happen!

Here are the articles in Issue 122 of the Tiny House Magazine:

  • Have You Ever Touched A Power Tool?
  • Guess What? It’s here! Downsizing Day!
  • 15 Little Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Help It Serve You Better
  • On the Cover – Pacific Retreat All Day. All The Way.
  • It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint
  • Radica’s MoonLander Camper Breaks the Traditional Mold
  • PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) or PIA
  • Building A Brand One Betty At A Time
  • Backup Your Backup

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A few pages from Issue 122.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 122 cover

Issue 122 index

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