Tiny House in a Landscape

We previously lived on two campgrounds while patiently contemplating options and praying that God would guide us. In our search for land that might not conform to the average property buyer’s needs, hoping to be allowed to park, knowing we might need to find contentment with whatever odd or imperfect opportunity that arises, we found more than we could have ever hoped for.

We cherish our outdoor haven. The view, the water, the kind neighbors at their cabins on the weekends, the wind off the lake, the deck, the surrounding nature. This is exactly how we want our kids to grow up.

We keep the door open all day. We live outside. This is so much more than 267 square feet.

-Kim Kasl

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Blake - July 16, 2017 Reply

This looks like a beautiful site. I’d love to hear more about what you found. Are you renting in a park? Did you buy a lot? Why did they accept your THOW in a community of cabins? Did you have to take the wheels off to make it appear permanent? It’s great that you found such a nice place. I imagine that you will want to stay a long time.

Jackie - July 18, 2017 Reply

I really wanted a tiny house, but bought a travel trailer. The location you chose looks so peaceful. It appears that more people are enjoying the tiny house living. I had concerns about water & electricity access when researching buying a tiny home. Thanks for sharing your story.

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