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Tiny House in a Landscape

tiny log cabin

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to vacation in Alaska via a cruise. Feeling that this was probably a once in a lifetime experience we spent some extra money to go on an excursion to the Taku Lodge in Southeast Alaska.

We had the opportunity to fly in a classic deHavilland seaplane over five breathtaking glaciers flowing from the Juneau Icefield, deep blue crevasses, snow-capped mountains, and the lush Tongass National Forest.

Once we arrived at the lodge we explored the area and took a nice walk. Along the way there was the nice little log cabin that I was able to photograph from the outside. Unfortunately I was not allowed to view and photograph the interior. I thought it was a great example of a tiny log home and a scenic spot to fit in the Tiny House in a Landscape series.

side view of log cabin

front view of log cabin

Taku Lodge mailbox

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Marsha Cowan - July 5, 2014 Reply

Wow! What a cool place! Thanks for letting us know about it.

Suzy - July 5, 2014 Reply

Just came across your blog! My latest obsession is tiny houses. Love what you have so far, and excited to see and learn more 🙂

Cammelia Theophanes - July 6, 2014 Reply

I have discovered these tiny houses recently and they are now my new obsession. I believe my life would be so much easier and decluttered in one of these homes. I am looking for my oasis in the desert and this is it! It doesn’t hurt that with Stage IV Lung Cancer, you find what you can still manage, and this is the perfect dwelling for sanctuary. Thank you for bringing these wonderful little homes to my attention. My current goal in life besides outliving my cancer, is to be a home owner of a tiny home someday. Keep up the good work and all of your wonderful ideas that make these homes treasures.

Jana Sudkamp - July 7, 2014 Reply

Kent, do you know who the builder was on the small cabin with dormers near Taku Lodge, or do you Blondie?

Beaver Log Cabins - April 22, 2016 Reply

Such a lovely outdoor living cabin. I imagine it was a very relaxing time you had there?

Timber Kit Building - March 21, 2018 Reply

Beautiful little cabin a great place to relax and unwind.

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