Tiny House in a Landscape

The Andes are the world’s longest continental mountain range. They lie as a continuous chain of highland along the western coast of South America.

Stone ruins lost for centuries have only recently come to light. Ancient civilizations such as the Chachapoyas “Cloud People” have left but a few clues to the mysteries of the Andes Mountains. Archaeology discoveries are now becoming a frequent event and an exciting time for the adventurous traveler now presents itself.

Tiny houses on the side of a mountain with a view like this must have been quite the life.

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Haley - February 6, 2010 Reply

Oh my gosh is that ever beautiful!

jeff - February 6, 2010 Reply


alice - February 6, 2010 Reply

Not for weaklings! Going up and down that landscape would either get you in super duper shape or kill you, either one in a hurry. Gorgeous, but my arthritic knees twinge in fear.

matt - February 6, 2010 Reply

That is a beautiful picture! It was taken at Machu Picchu in Peru.

Johnny - February 6, 2010 Reply

Better not stumble home drunk.

seth - February 6, 2010 Reply

i was certainly born in the wrong time. simply amazing.

Daniel Westman - February 6, 2010 Reply

What an amazing view to wake up to in the morning. I wonder if they lived a decent life up there?

I love your Tiny House in a Landscape-series, keep up the good work!

Stan - February 6, 2010 Reply

When I saw this pictures I thought it was made with Hirst Arts molds from http://www.hirstarts.com, the creator makes a Field Stone line that looks exactly like that, its uncanny really.

Chandra - February 6, 2010 Reply

This had to be my favorite picture so far in this series. Absolutely perfect, simple, pure, and beautiful… words aren’t even good enough to describe that place… sigh… I was born in the wrong century.

Benjamin - February 7, 2010 Reply

Those are obviously modern (relatively) houses and not the ruins mentioned in the text. For those who are saying they were born in the wrong century, it’s conceivable one may be available for rent or purchase.

Daniel - February 8, 2010 Reply

Benjamin: Either they are modern houses or they are ruins that have been restored to their former glory.

I wouldn’t mind owning one of those, but I’m sure they aren’t cheap to buy.

    Ian Anderson - February 8, 2010 Reply

    I was actually there recently, and it is absolutely incredible. The picture is amazing, but there is no way to describe the wonder and awe felt at this place, tucked away in the Andes Mountains, only accessible by foot or train. The stone structure is all original, but the roofs are obviously reconstructed. It is amazing to see how well these were built. The fact that these are still standing and hardly decomposed is a testament to the Inca People’s forgotten art of stone building. This is definitely a site that should be seen in person.

Kam - February 8, 2010 Reply

There are some old original adobe houses from like the 1500s that are still being lived in on the Hopi Reservation. They don’t allow you to take pictures of the houses on the rez but take a road trip out there some time. It is breathtaking! Definitely some well made tiny houses.

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