Tiny House in a Landscape

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape is a photo taken by Heinrick J. Oldhauser who posted it first on the Tiny House Blogs Facebook fan page. It was so neat I wanted to make it available to everyone and Heinrick gave me permission to use it in this feature.

This is a turn of the century board and batten homestead, cellar, and carriage house, as seen from the top of the windmill on the plains near Kent, Oregon.

Heinrick has many more photos of abandoned homes at this website http://jasonryd.com/retrospect/abandoned/ and you may be seeing more featured here in the future. Thank you Heinrick for letting me share your wonderful photography.

Photo by Heinrick J. Oldhauser

6 thoughts on “Tiny House in a Landscape”

    • …me neither. Looks like the barn that used to be on our property, that the original owner called “shiplap.”

      Cool scene, though. Sparks the imagination. Down the street from where I grew up, there used to be a tiny house and huge barn, both overgrown with blackberries and crabapple trees, but such fun for kids to explore (until one of us fell and got hurt, then the county stepped in and tore them down). The house still had scraps of wallpaper; one room had cowboys and bucking broncos, which set me on the road to all things old-fashioned. There was the best farmhouse kitchen sink, too, wish I’d had the foresight to try to buy it from the neighbors.

      Oh well, now I’m working on my own little slice of history a mile down the road from there, also my husband is building me an “old” craft studio from recycled building materials, and it will even have….antique wallpaper!

    • Mike, the leanto addition on the left looks like it could be board & batten or the siding is gone and I’m looking at the studs. Hard to tell. All God’s creation is beautiful but this is a little too bleak and lonely for me. Peace

  1. Wow! I didn’t know any part of Oregon was so barren. Now we know why this homestead was abandoned although I’d like the setup someplace greener.

  2. Nice link (to the photographer’s site): bookmarked it after spending an hour there already, and realizing I could spend another hour or two easily, browsing his beautiful work! Very special ‘eye candy’ for those of us folk who enjoy staring at architecture, floorplans and things-gone-by… 😉


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