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Tiny House in a Landscape

Dream of Robinson, a cabin perched high in trees, as on stilts is pegged to the slender trunks of spruce. A bridge that spans the gap gives access.

The dream child of Patrick and his two son, Hugo Charly journeyman carpenter and guitarist, has materialized in shacks perched ten meters high, anchored to the slender trunks of spruce.

To see pictures of the interior and read the complete article visit the Mon Jardin website.

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Melissa Sanspree - December 31, 2011 Reply

This is absolutely adorable. My dream is to live in a treehouse. Love it.

    Coyo - April 26, 2014 Reply

    I always wanted to live in a treehouse, too. The problem is that most trees are not strong enough to actually hold it up, and it hurts the trees to boot.

    The solution is to use stilts to do the actual supporting of the house, but plant it /among/ trees, perhaps even planting a few more to make it more treehouse-y.

      Boxertwin - April 28, 2014 Reply

      Not necessarily so. It is entirely possible to construct in the trees without hurting them at all. In fact, some builders say you can actually benefit the tree.

      Lyra - January 31, 2016 Reply

      I totally agree…that is the one issue I have with tree houses. If they can be built up off the ground but not attached to the trees…then I would love to have one like that!

alice h - December 31, 2011 Reply

Now that’s my idea of sprucing up the place and decorating a tree!

    Randy - December 31, 2011 Reply

    Love the pun, “sprucing up”! 🙂

ani B - December 31, 2011 Reply

I love treehouses and dreamed of living in one as a child, (in fact, a friend of mine did just that), but I have always wondered about something. When they are built that way, attached to live trees, doesn’t the structure shift as the tree grows?

Just wondering…

    Mary - January 1, 2012 Reply

    Long ago I had a book with instructions for building tree houses with one, two, three or four trees. My sons and I never got around to building one, for one reason or another, and the book is now lost, but I remember that one of essentials was to fasten supports to the tree and rest the frame on the supports rather than fastening to the tree itself. In this way you have a structure that can absorb movement and growth to a greater degree.

Randy - December 31, 2011 Reply

Awesome little cabin. Wonder if it qualifies for the “mile high” club? 🙂 Happy new year to everyone in “tiny town.” May 2012 be the year when our tiny house dreams come true!

Nerida - December 31, 2011 Reply

@ Annie B,

No, the very top of the tree will grow upwards, a bit like adding one layer after another on top. The whole tree doesnt move upwards. The cabin will stay where it is. It might sway in a very strong wind though.

Andy H - December 31, 2011 Reply

My first reaction is — that’s kinda scary lookin’! I’ve been fascinated by the idea of living in a forest ranger tower for many years, but I’d rather keep my feet on the ground I think…

Charlie - December 31, 2011 Reply

Hard to follow the website since it was in French. The pictures started with the tree house and ended with a small cabin on the ground. Not sure of the connection, since the website is in French.

    Josh - January 1, 2012 Reply

    Hard to follow the website since it was in French.

    You should download the web browser Google Chrome. When you open a page in another language it automatically asks if you’d like to use Google Translate to translate the entire page. The translation isn’t perfect, but you’ll get the point of what’s being said.

Shea - January 1, 2012 Reply

I couldn’t get to the website from the link for some reason… Tried a Google search, found an image of the exact same tree cabin, but it came back here… is their website down now? Maybe it’s a French thing (or my Firefox browser)… hmmm. Would have loved to seen more pics, especially of the interior…

BigGoofyGuy - January 1, 2012 Reply

This is really nice. That is what I call a tree house.

Mack - January 2, 2012 Reply

Oh my word, that is my ideal! Wonder how much that cost to build (and if the architects of that one would build me one if I supply the land, trees, and materials?)

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Colin - April 26, 2014 Reply


Judee St.Clair - April 26, 2014 Reply

went to the website – could not find the article. (I use Chrome browser, btw) .. found many other interesting articles, but not a clue to the treehouse article.

Judee St.Clair - April 26, 2014 Reply

Went to website (I use Chrome). Saw many interesting articles and interior shots of many decorating ideas .. none specific to Dream of Robinson.

    Judee St.Clair - April 26, 2014 Reply

    I even used SEARCH at the site using phrase “rêver de robinson” .. tho it returned a charming set of phots they were of a different home.

Kate - April 26, 2014 Reply

I give up!! I’ve search the website and I can’t find it.

Terrie - April 26, 2014 Reply

It gives you a link so that you can supposedly see the interior of the house in the trees. However unless you can read the foreign language maybe french you can not see the interior.

K'Anne Zubin - April 26, 2014 Reply

I can imagine this one, since I live in the Adirondacks. Really wonderful. I could handle this.

    K'Anne Zubin - April 26, 2014 Reply

    No photo, no website. Thanks.

Shell - April 28, 2014 Reply

Now, that’s what I call a tree house. My goodness. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. : )

Frances - April 29, 2014 Reply

Oh my that is absolutely amazing, beautiful! I want one! Thanks for sharing. The website even tested my poor French!

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