Tiny House in a Landscape

Abi brought this beautiful photograph taken in Iceland by Trey Ratcliff to my attention and I wanted to share it with you as I really like the location of this tiny house.

Trey says that after driving around Iceland for a few weeks, you get so used to wild landscapes that it can be hard to be objective. He is a photographer and must force himself to be objective. While driving there is a moment when he suddenly comes to his senses, realizes what he is seeing is entirely unique, and hops out of his truck. He will a take the short hike to find the best vantage point to shoot the photograph. Months later he processes the photo and is extremely glad he took the time to get the picture.

I don’t know about you but I’m glad he did too, as I may never get to see this scene otherwise. You can visit Trey’s Stuck in Custom’s blog to learn more about his work.

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char - June 18, 2011 Reply

I ride horses in Iceland frequently, and this tiny house is probably a sheep shed. However the scenery is spectacular I agree.

Helen - June 18, 2011 Reply

I was just coming to say the same as Char, it is a sheep shed. Sheep are wintered in small sheds like this to keep them warm.

camerabanger - June 18, 2011 Reply

beautiful picture. sheep have all the luck.

Josh - June 20, 2011 Reply

You can visit Trey’s Stuck in Custom’s blog to learn more about his work.

The apostrophe in “Custom’s” makes it either possessive, or a contraction for “Custom is.” Neither of which is correct. You want plural, which doesn’t have an apostrophe.

zach - June 20, 2011 Reply

Beautiful photo!

Tammie - June 22, 2011 Reply

this photograph is dreamy beautiful!

Keith Levy - February 20, 2012 Reply

I’m thinking of coming back as an Icelandic Sheep…

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