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Finding the perfect plot of land to build a new home can be a daunting task, especially when you’re shopping for your own piece of the planet via the internet, thousands of miles from where you plan to break ground. The Tiny House Blog is here to help you on your mission to realize your dreams of lifestyle freedom. Check out these top seven websites to find top notch land for sale.

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(You can potentially save a lot of time and money by buying an existing tiny house in the area where you want to live. Check out TinyHouseListings.com to start searching for your new dream home.)

Top 7 Places to Shop for Land Online

7. Billy Land

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One of the best spots to find high quality land at a great price is Billy Land – they’ve been in business for over three decades, and they bring all of their experience to bear to help pass savings on to you. The tradeoff is a somewhat limited selection, but if you keep your eyes peeled and check back regularly, you may happen upon the perfect plot of land for your new home.

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They offer a convenient, at-a-glance page to see all of the land they currently have available in their portfolio for you to choose from. Many of the sites describing individual plots include an interactive map interface that you can use to scope out the topography of the land you’re viewing.

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Make sure to read the plot description carefully and make note of any restrictive covenants that may apply to that particular location. Also, take notice that your initial payment is not the overall price of the land, but a bid to secure a given plot for yourself.

6. Zillow

Zillow 2

Growing in popularity all the time, Zillow has become one of the first places people think of to look for homes available for sale or for rent – this means that you will find a massive selection, made up by scads of private sellers as well as real estate agents around the country. Their built-in analytics also give a good sense of how pricing markets behave around the country.

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Much of the land they have on offer is being sold because of foreclosure, and may be slated for an upcoming auction or available at a rock bottom set price. Make sure to take advantage of the search criteria available on the website to narrow your options down to exactly what you’re looking for.

5. LoopNet


Though they specialize in commercial real estate, Loop Net also has a wide selection of farmland and rural land zoned for residential use. Many of the spots available for sale feature video footage, offering a better sense of what it might feel like to be on the property in person.

4. Land and Farm

L and F 2

If your dream is to get back to the land with your own farmstead, then Land and Farm could be the ideal site for you to begin your search. You may even be able to lease an existing farm and try your hand at your new way of life before laying down a fortune.

L and F 1

Make sure to take note of how each plot is zoned, to ensure that you’re taking stock of land that can legally be used in the way that you intend. Some locations, for example, are suitable for occasional hunting and camping, but building a tiny home would not be permitted.

3. Land Leader

LL 3

Also specializing in rural land for homesteader wannabes, hunters and new generation farmers, Land Leader is another great place to start your search. Many of the plots in their selection are on the larger side of the spectrum, so if you’re not in the market for a section and a half to start a unicorn ranch, make sure to restrict your search results by acreage.

2. Lands of America

LofA 1

A useful feature on Lands of America is their directory of real estate agents around the country who specialize in rural land. It could be to your advantage to work with a real estate agent, because they have the expertise to help you source a plot that is the right size to meet your needs and in the location where you want to live, while avoiding the pitfalls that many inexperienced land buyers are likely to encounter. They’ll charge a commission, of course, but avoiding the headache of spending hours and hours shopping on your own, and then doing the follow-up with sellers to boot, could be well worth it.

1. Land Watch

LW 1

With one of the largest selections currently available online, coupled with an excellent search mechanism, Land Watch is my top pick for online sources to look for rural land. If you want waterfront property or a spot amongst the trees for instance, you will have an easy time rarifying your search to hone in on those kinds of locations.

Lw 2

Additionally, Land Watch is one of the few websites that offers a selection of international land to choose from, for those of you whose tiny house dreams are likely to take you overseas. They also have an excellent deals section, with land that you can secure for as little as $500 down.

What if buying land is too expensive?

L and F 3

After poking around a bit, you may find that purchasing land for your tiny home is prohibitively expensive, and even if you have enough money stuffed under your mattress to pick out any parcel that strikes your fancy, you may find that living out in the middle of nowhere is lonely and unfulfilling without friends and neighbors to share your life with.

An excellent solution to both problems could be to consider joining the community where I live in northeast Missouri. We have more than a dozen tiny houses located within a short walk of each other in the same village, and we own our property collectively in the form of a non-profit land trust.  Below is an aerial view of our village.


This means that we are able to lease land for new construction, gardening and most anything else you might want to do at an exceptionally affordable price, and that’s not even counting any of our three swimming ponds, or more than 200 acres of land where you can go hiking, bird watching and mushroom hunting.

Additionally, you’ll have the convenience of shared infrastructure like kitchen and bathing facilities, along with high speed internet, well-maintained roads, a tavern/restaurant that has the best selection of beer for miles in any direction, and a grocery store within a few steps of your front door. (Those organic chocolate-covered almonds are going to be the death of me…)


Best of all, you’ll also have access to lots of skilled people to provide useful input on your project. In fact, we even have a handful of houses available for sale in our community right now. Make sure to take a peek at our website and schedule some time to visit us soon, we’d love to share our sustainable tiny house lifestyle with you.


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Lisa E. - July 8, 2016 Reply

We need to have a directory of land and THOWs for sale on land so people from one part of the country looking to move to another part of the country can consult the directory which would also list things like real estate agents who handle such properties, or the name of a community leader who could give information about joining a particular community. A directory that would give valuable leads and contacts and information about living in specific areas. I would like to move to Portland, OR, but I can’t afford to live in the city; I’d have to have something about a half an hour away to be able to afford it. I have no idea where to begin or whom to talk with about availability of land and (THOW) housing restrictions, costs and whatever all else. I live in Florida now and I’m looking to leave. Having this sort of a directory would make life as a Tiny Houser and a transition to the Pacific Northwest a whole lot easier.

    Charles - December 8, 2017 Reply

    I have a tiny house lots for sale at 3886 Oak Ave, Clearlake, California for $1,500 and it is yours.

    K. - July 8, 2018 Reply

    Yes, indeed. I have thought of moving to Oregon also, and am in the same situation of not knowing where to start. Not related to Oregon at all, but Cook County in Minnesota (an extremely beautiful, wooded county right on Lake Superior) is quite open to anyone wanting to live full-time in their tiny house on wheels, on their own land. I believe they want people to put their tiny house on a foundation of sorts, or else take their wheels off, but they are quite progressive and open-minded in encouraging tiny house living, it seems. There are some lovely private lots available that I know of up on Murphy Mountain in Grand Marais (Cook County), and I’m sure there are also many more pieces of land in that area.

Allena - April 28, 2017 Reply

Yeah, Selling or buying house via online is really hepful. When I was selling my house by owner I used Nomoreagent.com. I got a personalized consultant that helped me through the process for the included price of the MLS listing.

Hope You people will be able to find your own favorite land.

Tom - November 22, 2017 Reply

Are 5th Wheels able to join your Group??

Stephen Patton - February 24, 2018 Reply

If anyone is looking for Land for their Tiny House please also check out Tiny House Finder https://www.tinyhousefinder.net/

Listings are free and there are always land plots listed for both Sale and Rent as well as Community listings if your looking to find a Community.

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