Small Living on Private Island


by Rachael Greenfield

Small cabin (12′ x 16″) and outhouse/shower on secluded island in Puget Sound. Ideal for aperson who is looking to live lightly on the land as it can be hooked to solar or wind energy, your choice!

Cabin has a loft (12′ x 8′) which lends to a roomy main floor. Interior is almost finished with insulation installed and canvas wall coverings. The outhouse has a sawdust toilet and the beginnings of a shower room that is currently used as storage. Very livable for a hardy soul.

Property is .26 acre with only one visible neighbor. Island teams with deer and raccoons, but no major predators. The ferry allows access to mainland daily. Current set-up includes all furniture and appliances such as: a propane heater, stove, lantern, bed(s), dishes, 2 kayaks, etc. Owner will have the ability to tap into island well and power lines, or simply harvest rain and go solar/wind energy. Island residents are helpful, but not intrusive. Showings can be arranged, but please be advised that you’ll spend about 5 hours on the island between ferries.

View on the posting on Zillow:

interior of cabin


exterior storage

cabin view


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Kevin Coy - November 21, 2013 Reply

I am 30 min from there right now ! beautiful area .In a fairly protected body of water.

Stephen A. - November 24, 2013 Reply

This sounds really nice! I hope the place is well insulated, which I gather it must be, in that climate. I’ve always dreamed about living on a small island, away from it all, but still connected to the world in some way (by ferry is enough.) This sounds ideal!

    alice h - November 24, 2013 Reply

    You need to worry more about moisture than cold in this climate. The forest is always trying to turn you and everything you own into a fuzzy pile of moss and algae. And if you don’t like spiders . . .

    I live part time a bit further north in the Canadian version of these islands, it can be a wonderful and amazing place to live.

Terry - November 28, 2013 Reply

These are before pictures right? Did you take after pictures?

Wilbour - February 27, 2014 Reply

Can we get an update on this project. I am thinking of building a similar cabin.

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