For Sale Tortoise Shell Prototype


Bill Kastrinos of Tortoise Shell Home is selling his 8′ x 24′ prototype. Bill is selling a partially completed prototype at a reduced price until January 27. The house though unfinished includes a separate bedroom, living area, kitchen and a bathroom with a built in shower. It is fully insulated and has dual pane windows. It just needs your own special touch to complete it and to make it you own.

Bill is asking an incredibly low price of just $5,800 but you need to jump on it quickly as it is only available through January 27 at this low price. Give Bill a call at 707-486-4320 and let him know you heard about it on the Tiny House blog.


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Patti - January 17, 2012 Reply

I’d love to do something like this but I have no land (or friends/family with land) to put it on, and unfortunately right now my job is location-dependent anyway

At this point I’m probably looking at nomadic homes that can go wherever my job goes and allow me to “stealth camp” if there’s no RV park in the area

Ronald - January 17, 2012 Reply

Damn it, I am in the same situation
as Patti. No land and my job is still
location dependent.

Hopefully somebody gets this soon.

Nice looking house

EM - January 17, 2012 Reply

ok so my question is my site is 2000 miles away and i have no pickup truck so how could this be transported?

    Kent Griswold - January 17, 2012 Reply

    The best way would be to rent a truck and pull it to your destination. You might also contact Bill and see if he would deliver and for how much…

      Freth - January 17, 2012 Reply

      Jay hauled one clear across country with a U-Haul Truck. When you get where you want it to go … you just give the truck back. And settle into your new home. 🙂

    Bill Kastrinos - January 19, 2012 Reply

    EM,, $1.40-$1.60 per mile, all insurance taken care of.

Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural - January 17, 2012 Reply

I remember seeing these before and I loved them then. What a fantastic price! I’d be interested in owning one, but I’m not in the market right now and I’m in the Ozarks, so not close to 707, which I believe is Northern California, if I’m not mistaken. What’s the cost to get one of these 1/2 way across the country? Does he have plans to continue building these in the future? I’m on a 4-7 year timeline out right now?

    Kent Griswold - January 17, 2012 Reply

    Yes, Bill will continue to build Tortoise Shell Homes and has several designs to choose from. He just completed one here in Northern California that I will be featuring on the Tiny House Blog soon. However, this is a rare extremely low price so anyone serious should jump on it ASAP!

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Shea - January 18, 2012 Reply

The plan for this one is almost perfect for ME… I would extend its length by a couple more feet (is 28′ availabe?) Or is 26 the max? I would just ike to see a teensy bit more room in the living/kitchen area… although it *could* be accomplished, alternately, by shaving a half-foot from the bathroom/shower (3X3 instead of 3X4?) and another one and a half feet from the bedroom (and turning the bed longways against the back wall)… Sure wish I had the money in the bank right now: I’d get on it, for sure!
I just LOVE-LOVE the finishings, and would hope hardwood flooring is underfoot, but that’s all frosting, afterall. ;=)

    davidpast - April 26, 2012 Reply

    hi Shea

Irene - January 18, 2012 Reply

Tortoise Shell Homes have a special place in my heart. This is an amazing deal.

Niall - January 18, 2012 Reply

Finally, tinyhouseblog is up again… now I can get my daily fix. Pretty sure I was having withdrawals symptons for awhile there.

Lisa - January 18, 2012 Reply

My husband and I are the people who bought a Tortoiseshell a couple months ago, 8′ x 18′. We are loving it. I do think though most couples would find his larger size better suited. I think he is now building the new ones at 28′, not 24′ like this prototype was. If any couples would like to have a Tortoiseshell and don’t have the $36,000 for his new 28′, I highly recommend this prototype, which we’ve seen a couple times.

Bob H - January 19, 2012 Reply

May be a prototype, but WOW, very rough looking. The photos do not show well.

Nice floor plan.

robin macquarrie - January 21, 2012 Reply

I have a lot for sale in Clearlake, CA (4000). Anyone interested? 707 544-2526

sesameB - January 23, 2012 Reply

This is so smooth!
Barefootin’ in rural Arkansas

Gina - January 23, 2012 Reply

Wow! Wish I was ready for one right now. If by some odd chance it is still around in early summer I would be interested.

Scott Hales - January 25, 2012 Reply

so, I assume this is built on a trailer and can legaly be towed?

    Kent Griswold - January 25, 2012 Reply

    Yes, it is you can call Bill for all the details.

Karen - January 25, 2012 Reply

Love! My only fear is the composting toilet.

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