For Sale – Custom made Western Saloon Building

FOR SALE – Custom made Western Saloon building (8’ x 16’) – $4500

An 8’ x 16’ custom-built Western Saloon building, complete with a front porch and metal roof. The porch railing encloses the entire front porch and is removable on both sides, as well as the front center section. The building was built in December 2008 and is in like-new condition. It has been stored on a trailer and only used to store household items. It has 2×4 side walls 16” on center with aspenite (OSB) sheathing covered with cedar clapboard siding. The roof is 2×4 rafters with aspenite sheathing and covered with blue metal roofing.

There are no windows, but they can be easily added. The floor is made of ¾” plywood with 2×8 floor joists 16” on center. This building will make an excellent storage unit, work shop, or play house. Finish the inside and add electricity, etc., and you have an external office, tiny house, or great hunting camp. $4500.

Shipping Information: I will deliver this unit to the buyer’s location if desired. Delivery is free within a 300 mile radius of Mesa, AZ. Beyond the 300 miles, the cost will be 40 cents per mile. Delivery arrangements can be finalized once payment (including additional mileage if required) has been received.

Due to the size and type of item, delivery is available in the U.S.A. ONLY!!!
Contact: Scott Noble,
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7 thoughts on “For Sale – Custom made Western Saloon Building”

  1. In thumbing through the pictures of this building I noticed the rafters were assembled using a familiar technique and I figure someone else will see this and carp about the viability of this method. Well, put aside the doubts, it works and works very well.

    I used to sell for a storage building company that used those same clips and I was skeptical to start with too but, they work and they hold up for long term. I used to do pull ups on the rafters of a 16′ wide building to show customers how well they held up. That building, because of it sheer size, sat there as a display for 2 years before I went to work there and I sold it a year later. For the record, I weighed 220 pounds back then and it was muscle weight, dense.

    There may or may not be other, unseen, problems in the construction. I can’t say from what I could see from the limited photos but the rafters aren’t one of them.

  2. How fun would it be to put this in the backyard with a full bar in it for bbq’s and parties! Or (depending on how hard it is to get a liquor licence) turn it into a real tiny saloon. If you couldn’t get a licence, you could make it a Soda Saloon!
    I dig it!

  3. Me, too – I’d like a design with lots of windows for longer-lasting daylight, ventilation and the feeling of spaciousness.

    I’d like large windows surrounding the entire house as well as arched windows at the peaks of the house, a vaulted ceiling with multiple skylights and a glass front door – I really enjoy looking into the woods and up at the clouds and stars.

    I suppose a daybed, with underbed storage, and an under-counter kitchen may work well.

    Rather than a full porch, a portable screenhouse may be practical. Folding indoor/outdoor chairs can be stored in your vehicle.

    Just dreaming…


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