ESCAPE Vista Open Concept Starts at only $29,800

While the interior details of the ESCAPE models have set a new standard for tiny houses, some buyers really want to start with a blank slate for their own creativity. The ESCAPE Vista OC stands for Open Concept and is a finished shell ready for a variety of uses.

The Vista OC is an open concept design from ESCAPE.

The Vista OC follows the design of the popular ESCAPE Vista. It’s the same 21 feet long and can include a bathroom. The one main difference is the taller windows which measure at five feet high. Buyers have been requesting an open concept for use as a mobile retail space. Other uses for the new model include a mobile office, yoga studio, guest room, RV or food truck. The model also gives you everything for a headstart into tiny living for less than $30,000.

The Vista OC can be purchased as a shell; the interior is then customized.

Built on a steel trailer with steel joists and rodent barrier, the Vista OC comes with several different exterior finishes including the Shou Sugi Ban siding. An all cedar exterior is also available. The model comes with Low-E Thermopane windows, entry door, pine T&G walls and trim, maple laminate flooring and foam insulation. Other details include a 30 amp plug and power center, smoke detector and fire extinguisher, U/L approved devices and wiring, baseboard heat, LED lighting and the option for solar connections.

UNTUCKit, a clothing retailer, uses the Vista OC as a mobile shop.

Options like upgraded hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinetry can also be added. There is no plumbing in the standard Vista OC, but a bathroom package and on-board gray water tank can be built into a finished product. The toilet options range from a TOTO toilet, Separett Villa 9200 composting toilet or a Laveo Dry Flush. The Vista OC can also include an exterior shower.

Various options such beds, kitchens and outdoors are available.

Photos by ESCAPE and UNTUCKit


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Kismet Skolnicki - August 29, 2017 Reply

Beautiful homes! We need to have more spaces that allow these homes on parcels in Teller County. We can own them, but living in them as permanent residences is not permitted. This way of thinking needs to change! I can put a mobile home on a 2 acre parcel, skirt it and live there permanently. If I add a tiny house on the property, as long as no one “lives” there, it’s okay. But if I want my son to move into the property with me and live in his own residence, the tiny house, it’s against the law! Closed minded thinking is what’s delaying the growth of this industry in CO.

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