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Copper Creek Cabins Tiny House

Purposeful construction by the skilled builders at Copper Creek Cabins and Rentals. For sale in Deerfield, Ohio. Quality was the keystone for this modern, log-cabin inspired tiny home. Experience the peace of minimalist living through the thoughtful space-saving solutions of this two-loft cabin. Additional sleeping downstairs. The designs attention to detail brings the “cabin life” inside for the ultimate relaxation retreat. Sliding patio door allows natural light throughout the cabin. Insulated interior and heater allows for use in any climate. Modern amenities were not sacrificed. This immaculate home includes: Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Gas Stove, On Demand Hot Water, Heat Pump, and Porcelain Flush Toilet.

This home with everything you see is yours for $28,000. You won’t find a finished dream tiny-home at this price!

Contact Lisa at (520) 508-9586 or Serious inquiries only please.


  • Dovetail Exterior
  • Size: 160 SQ FT
  • Bedrooms:1
  • Lofts: 2
  • Full Bath: 1
  • Length: 20 FT
  • Width: 8 FT

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Ellen - November 29, 2018 Reply

These houses are great and I am wanting to build a tiny home in Western, WA. and I have a budget of 40,000 but I don’t know how to get started with the build. Plus I know I need land to build it on either that or I can rent a space in an RV Park but not sure how to go about that either. I am an older lady and I need to find another place to live soon, the rents are outrageous and I am on a fixed budget and I’m low income also. Anyway I was just wondering if you could help me, I want a bigger house like about 300 sq. ft. Please reply if you can help, I’m almost desperate at this point to move out of a house that will soon be sold and I don’t want to be left out in the cold. Thank you for listening….sincerely, Ellen R.

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