Awesome Creek-Side Home

Kevin Stevens from Nederland, Colorado sent me a email about a small 750 square foot home that he has for sale. I think you will like it as much as I do.

Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the creek flowing just outside your window!
Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for a “water feature” that needs expensive pumps and electricity to run? Relax to the sounds of nature…

Its a quaint little house in the small mountain town of Nederland, CO..we are about 17 miles west of Boulder and 3000 feet higher…which means our summers are fantastic. This house is near the town center and provides walking access to the brewpub and other great downtown features. Very unique to this property is a stream that runs under the back part of the house…with both windows open back there you can relax to the “stereo effect” of running water. We currenttly have it rented and are asking $239,000. The house is located at 155 E. 2nd St. Nederland, CO 80466 and you can call Kevin at 303-258-1122. Be sure and tell him you learned about the home from the Tiny House Blog.

This two bedroom, full bath home features a great private setting with the ease of in-town living, walk to the post office or brewpub. The recently remodeled kitchen and new gas wood-stove provide comfort and beauty. Other amenities include a claw foot tub and real wood burning fireplace insert.

The property includes 750 sq ft in the main house plus two out buildings: a rustic former garage and a newer storage shed / office. The shed / office is fully wired for phone and electric and features a storage loft. The home’s landscaping is a beautiful mixture of wildflowers, flagstone, river rock and includes large mature trees. The back yard is fully fenced for privacy or pets and can be reached by a private bridge or off the master bedroom.

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Kathy - January 17, 2010 Reply

I sure hope he’s measured the height of the spring runoff of that creek. In the Rockies, flash floods and spring runoff can really raise the height of a creek in a heartbeat. I’d be really uncomfortable with the back door that close to the water. LOVE the house, though – just a few feet further uphill.

Daniel - January 17, 2010 Reply

I love the creek! Any idea if he’s used it for hydro power?

    Kent Griswold - January 17, 2010 Reply

    I don’t think so, but a great idea. He has had it as a rental until recently.

seth - January 17, 2010 Reply

Nederland is such a cool little town. Great house. I’d move there in a heartbeat if the wife would give me the ‘go-ahead.’

gmh - January 17, 2010 Reply

The clawfoot tub is incentive enough to take a better look at this property! Wonder if there are job openings for teachers in that town?

Eric - January 18, 2010 Reply

240? Ummmm….

    Moontreeranch - January 18, 2010 Reply

    few follow ups.

    The median price of home in Boulder CO is currently over $550,000…So this house is a great deal.

    Here is a web link for some more info On Boulder County.

    from that site.

    Boulder CO Homes & Properties

    Buyers will find Boulder homes and properties in every style and price range, including modern lofts and condos, golf course property, affordable houses in residential neighborhoods, as well as ultra-luxury estates. There are also many historic homes in Boulder, in addition to numerous new home neighborhoods, and a nice selection of foreclosure properties. The median price for Boulder CO homes is currently $589,000, while foreclosures have a median price of approximately $345,000.

    With mountain views and an extensive network of trails, Boulder, Colorado is truly an outdoor-lover’s paradise. The city is surrounded by 31,000 acres of open space and has over 130 miles of hiking trails that range from easy to very difficult. Rock climbing, mountain bilking, golfing, and kayaking are other popular activities in the area. Each Memorial Day, Boulder welcomes over 40,000 runners for the “Bolder Boulder,” which is the second largest 10K race in the country.

    In addition to its bountiful recreation opportunities, Boulder is also well known for its fabulous restaurants and cultural activities. The city is a hotbed for artists and artisans who display their wares at markets and galleries throughout the city. Boulder also houses several major research and educational facilities such as the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Naropa Institute, which offers Buddhist-inspired education.

    Boulder hosts many interesting events throughout the year, including the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, the World Affairs Conference, and MahlerFest. Be sure to check out the renowned Pearl Street walking mall, as there’s something there for everyone.

    Boulder is a 20 minute drive down one of the most scenic Canyons in Colorado.

    The creek freezes in winter but could be possibly be used for a small Hydro….This is a small tributary to the larger Middle Boulder Creek which also flows through Nederland…It is well below the house even in Spring Flood stage.

    The Roll roofing shown in one of the pictures is on one of the two out buildings…the Rustic Garage…its not connected to the main house.

    Those large trees out front provide awesome privacy and are the best for blocks around.
    They also provide snow protection in the winter.

      Anne - January 18, 2010 Reply

      Nice ad.

      deedee - January 31, 2010 Reply

      the ave. price is HOW MUCH??? wait a few more months….and look out below!!!!

JT - January 18, 2010 Reply

Very nice little home.

Arlos - January 18, 2010 Reply

A slab foundation at 8000 ft in the Rockies, tree roots right at the edge of the foundation, composition roll siding on the back of the house, ah no thank you.

deborah - January 18, 2010 Reply

I might go 40,000.00 but I sure would not go 240!!!! Too many negatives and too high priced.

seth - January 18, 2010 Reply

To those who think the price is too high….. welcome to colorado mountain towns. It’s actually priced pretty fairly when considering homes of similar size in Ouray, Crette Butte, Steamboat, or Leadville.

It’s all about supply and demand, and rich people demand a cozy home in the mountains to tell their friends about. Sad, but oh so true.

    Anne - January 18, 2010 Reply

    Cute little cottage… the price is what we used to refer to affectionately as ‘officer housing’ (overpriced, minimal ameneties… to meet middle class office workers wish to show off a place in the mountains to other burbanites).
    The rich build their own.

Marie Johnson - January 18, 2010 Reply

I agree with the comments about the price. With all the negatives associated with like creek too close to the house,tree roots at edge of foundation 240k is way too much to pay for such a quaint house. We are in our own small money pit at the moment. But for 40k I would take the chance. So sorry housing prices are out of reach for most of us. M

Lucas - January 19, 2010 Reply

This Property….NO.

Where do I start? Cabinets from a college rental apartment. Linoleum as far as the eye can see. Carpet from a hospital waiting room. It will sell, unfortunately. As others have pointed out, Boulder’s real estate market has exploded and driven buyers to surrounding communites. There’s a bus servicing the outlying communities. So, Boulder’s real estate dictates that nearby communities’ real estate prices explode too. I know Tiny House Blog is trying to point out small homes on the market, etc. But, some of us readers are looking at tiny houses because we don’t want a mortgage of $2k per month.

Moontreeranch - January 21, 2010 Reply

The Cabinets nearly new and Solid Hickory, with Two solid maple Butcher block areas…The only linoleum is in the bath…the main entry is Ceramic tile, the kitchen is Pergo Hardwood laminate. The “non-shag” carpet is easy to clean…nice if you have pets

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