UK’s ModuLog Combines Log Cabin and Modular Design

For those who have a hard time deciding between a traditional log cabin and a modular building concept, Welsh company ModuLog builds and sells glamping pods that can give you a few ideas.


ModuLog buildings can be used for various purposes including tiny homes, offices, summer homes, meditation and yoga spaces and in-law quarters. The company has several sizes, layouts and prices ranging from an 8×7 foot model for $8,200 to a 16×14 foot model for around $14,000.

The models are handcrafted in the United Kingdom with home grown timber and locally sourced materials and are fully insulated with sheep’s wool. The large windows bring in sunlight and air and the floors and doors are made of oak. The pods can be delivered to any property in the UK as a flatpack package and can be set up to be totally off-grid.


Options include a drop down tables, box seats with foam cushions, a tiny kitchen unit with sink and range, wood burning stove, electrical and 12v solar system. Multiple pods can be put together to form larger structures.


ModuLog-glamping-kitchen ModuLog-glamping-windows ModuLog-glamping-woods

Photos by ModuLog

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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David - May 10, 2016 Reply

This is an interesting concept, and the price is very reasonable, but you get (or don’t get) what you pay for. No toilet, shower, or bed.

Trevor - April 25, 2017 Reply

Looks good inside and out! Check out a range of CAD designed cabins here The 16×14 foot model that you mentioned is very well priced at $14,000

Clifford Roach - March 6, 2018 Reply

The good part about this concept is how sustainable and eco-friendly it is but as David mentioned, the lack of toilet/shower and bed can be a ‘no-go’ for some house buyers. That’s my two cents. If everyone is interested, we’re into these stuff as well:

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