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Tiny Javanese Joglo Houses

by Cheyenne Morrison – Australia

In my travels through Bali and Java I would often see antique Javanese JOGLO houses for sale. They were actually designed and built to be able to be dismantled and moved easily.

The images attached I took at an antiques store in Ubud in Bali.The price they had on this one was approximately $8,000 USD, but if you shop around you can buy even larger ones for less.

These fabulous antique traditional bungalows, also known as Joglo, Limasan, and Gladeck, depending on their style, make the perfect guest houses for mild climates, either for private use or in hotel settings. They are very limited and not easy to find in the USA.

These one-of-a-kind traditional Javanese houses are usually at least 100 years old and made from durable maintenance free teak wood, featuring beautifully carved details and elevated floors. Gathered from remote villages throughout Indonesia.

Sizes vary:
Gladeck: 172 sqf – 450 sqf (16 sqm – 42 sqm)
Limasan & Joglo: 1000 sqf – 1500 sqf (93 sqm – 140 sqm)

Unlike modern structures pounded and fixed together with nails, brackets and toxic adhesives, joglos are fit together like giant puzzles; you won’t find a single nail or screw in the entire building. The joglo was originally a four-sided structure enclosed by dozens of three-by-one metre panels.

Small Gladeck houses take about a week to renovate, while the large Limasan and Joglos can take up to a month. The houses are then disassembled for shipment. An assembly instruction diagram is included, but a professional carpenter is required for installation. The foundation for the small houses can be created by putting it on stilts (4 round pillars).

Also there are loads of producers in Bali and Java who sell new ones in kit form, which are very cheap and can be shipped to the USA. Even with the shipping it’s cheaper to buy one of the beautiful hand-made solid teak homes, than to build one in the US. Here are some links to producers.


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robin yates - July 1, 2011 Reply

charming little houses. thanks for an interesting post

Cathy Johnson (Kate) - July 1, 2011 Reply

LOVE these…so atmospheric.

Laurie - July 1, 2011 Reply

I wonder how the teak would stand up to the constant Portland or Seattle rains?

    Carolyn MVaussies - July 1, 2011 Reply

    The wooden decks of Very Nice wooden boats are made of unsealed teak. They live outside uncovered in all weather, year in & year out.

    TM - July 2, 2011 Reply

    I lived in Indonesia for almost a year ( Pulau Galang ) . It rained all the time in Indo , it is tropical atmosphere . The local build these houses with 2 levels high too . TM.

Julie Graff - July 1, 2011 Reply

Precious! Do I just contact one of the companies for pricing? If it is as inexpensive as you say, I really have to look into this…

Joost - July 2, 2011 Reply

Ahh, brilliant! I love these, they’re so pretty!

Bill - July 8, 2011 Reply

This is so neet, thanks so much.

Brianna Olds - July 11, 2011 Reply

Beautiful! I hope in the future you’ll post interior pictures if you have them!

Brianna Olds
CoolProducts Social Media Marketing Manager

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john kelly - November 10, 2012 Reply

can anyone help me im looking for
book,s on joglo,limasan,gladek houses

Ryan - August 13, 2013 Reply

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thank you very much

Amriza - April 11, 2015 Reply

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Paolo - April 20, 2016 Reply

Casa molto carina!

Architetto online - November 21, 2016 Reply

A lovely house!

jeany nana - April 9, 2017 Reply

That’s right joglo is the traditional house that in java many joglo who have 100 years old or more. You can only find that at Java and Bali, because the culture between Baki and Java that’s so similiar. Many hotels also make joglo for the tourist atraction. Where place in Bali that ever you visit in ? The culture, the natural view, the traditional dance, the traditional food and many more that specially only in Bali When you going to Bali again, you can rent villa at en.balijetaime.com for the accomodation

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