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Slidavan Telescopic Caravan

The Slidavan is an easy to build lightweight telescopic caravan which does it all. On the road its light weight and compact dimensions means you’ll hardly know you are towing it.

At the campsite it takes just a minute to turn it in to a fully insulated and very comfortable 2 berth caravan with full standing headroom throughout.

No special skills or materials are needed to build a Slidavan and you don’t need much space either as a Slidavan can be built in one car garage.

The bright and airy Slidavan interior looking aft. On the left is a sink and two burner hob. Opposite the space is left open so it could be used as a shower or storage. Note the back cushions dropped down between the bunks to create a very wide and comfy double bed.

The interior on this Slidavan is lit by a strip of LEDs tucked behind the front beam. The front panel is painted white to reflect the light but also so it can used as a 60″ projector screen!

Here the Slidavan is attached to one of the smallest cars on the road, a 1.2 Fiat Panda. The Slidavan in road mode is barely wider and no higher than the tow car. Tucked in like this there is hardly any resistance and being so light fuel consumption is barely affected. Since the Slidavan is no wider than the tow car, if the car can get through a gap, so can the Slidavan!

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