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Shelter 2.0 Goes to Haiti

Robert from Shelter 2.0 had been telling me about the special version they were making for Haiti and just sent me some pictures to share with you. Here is the previous Shelter 2.0 post.

This is what the new version looks like the only difference is that we are using 3/4″ osb for the ribs instead of ply. The cost ranges from $500 to $600 dollars in materials depending on what the price of sheet goods is doing and they are 10’x18′.

Here are pictures of the ones we shipped to Haiti being crated and shipped. I will be going to Haiti on June 21st to help set them up.

Two Shelter 20s packaged for shipping

Loading them on the Trailer

Ready to take to the dock for shiping

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Deb J - June 13, 2010 Reply

This is great. I wish I had some money to give to help send some. This is a really neat idea.

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