Now That’s a Tiny House

Walt Barrett of the tiny micro house sent me these photos. The first one he titled “Now That’s a Tiny House” and the second one “Nothing New Under the Sun.” I think sometimes we think we are creating a new area with tiny houses but in reality it is not anything new at all.

Take the time to look at the embedded slide show from Hagop Garagem’s Imagens, it lets you look back on a more relaxed time as the auto was just making its impact in our lives.

Now That's a Tiny House

Nothing New Under the Sun

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George - October 26, 2010 Reply

I love the slide show. There really isn’t much new. We just forget easily.

Drue - October 26, 2010 Reply

Nothing NEW?!?! Pshaw!

Back in the old days you wouldn’t expect a house to get better than 12 mpg.

I’d take a fuel-injected house over a carbureted house any day!

Dayle Ann Stratton - October 26, 2010 Reply

Keeper! I adore that house-car. The little awning is such a sweet touch. Early RV, from the looks of it, not a permanent living situation. There were plenty of folks who did live in vehicles fitted out best they could manage, though. I am decended from some of them.

I won’t agree that it was a more relaxed time, either. It may seem so, and though the pace was slower, the stresses were immense for many people. Note that all the faces shown were white, and all reasonably affluent in terms of the times.

JT - October 26, 2010 Reply

That is a very cool truck camper.

This is a bit off topic, but I hate clicking on an interesting article here and having a big pop up add interupt me as I start reading the article.


    Kent Griswold - October 26, 2010 Reply

    Hi JT, I”ve been trying to track that one down and block it as it bugs me too. I will try again. Kent

      Benjamin - October 27, 2010 Reply

      I guess you fixed it, …or my Safari pop-up blocker blocked it. Fantastic photos!!

        Kent Griswold - October 27, 2010 Reply

        Hi Ben, i was able to track down the ad and have blocked it. Glad to see it is working right.

Walt Barrett - October 26, 2010 Reply

As a point of interest, Right now around here we have lots of people living in their cars and it isn’t by choice either!
That’s why it is imperative that we be allowed to erect inexpensive micro homes so that we can get these people under cover. It’s no fun being penniless and sleeping in the cold, and not having a bathroom, or even a cold shower.
Been there, and done that in the 1930’s and now we have come full circle.

MJ - October 27, 2010 Reply

I didn’t let my awareness of all of the harsh realities of the times keep me from enjoying the slide show or the music. It is the same now – being conscious of the grim realities makes it even more important to enjoy momentary simple (or grand, depending on your POV) pleasures; at least that’s how I see it in a world that hasn’t learned much from history!

Thanks for a few minutes of ahhhhhhhh.

Cheryl - October 27, 2010 Reply

Agreed Walt, how true. Have been homeless twice in past thirty years so relate. So was my grandpa who rode the rails during the Great Depression looking for work for a time until he settled down. He was a carpenter, ect and would have loved tiny houses.

Benjamin - October 27, 2010 Reply

I love the “brick” fenders on car-house in the first photo!

    Benjamin - October 27, 2010 Reply

    Just took a closer look… And a brick chimney too! Also I see he’s smoking -a sign of the times. (And a furrier in the background -not PC these days.)

    There is some words painted on the ledge over the windshield but I can’t quite make them out. Can anyone read them?

Brian Carpenter - October 31, 2010 Reply

The letters over the windshield say “Sings and Sells His Own Songs”.

The house car is the Burn Ballad Bungalow, built by Farrar Burn circa 1928, and used for a round-the-country roadtrip with his wife June and sons North and South (Bob).

The website below tells some of their story, but doesn’t show the tiny houses they built after parking the BBB.

I heartily endorse June’s book “Living High: An Unconventional Autobiography”!

    Kent Griswold - October 31, 2010 Reply

    Wow Brian, thanks for the link and additional information. A cool story.

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