Modern EXPerience Cabin

by Marc-André Thériault

SEPAQ are national parks in the Province of Quebec (CANADA) (not to be confused with Quebec city).

They built these awesome modern cabins in two parks, and they are looking to build more.

They rent fairly cheap $125-150 USD.

They have small Morso wood stoves, IMO the best wood stoves for cabins, small houses and ‘larger’ tiny houses.

Unique architecture, comfort, and intimate contact with nature come together in an unforgettable EXPerience. Imagine a dwelling with many windows that bring nature inside and make you feel as if you’re practically living outside.

Parc national du Mont-Tremblant invites you to try an EXP. enveloped in the peaceful surroundings of Lac Monroe.

EXPs are designed for 2 people.

8 thoughts on “Modern EXPerience Cabin”

  1. Dear Kent Griswold,
    There are 12 photos of the EXPerience Cabin that I cannot open. Can you fix this? The author is Marc-André Thériault.

  2. It’s a nice cabin, but we went up there a few years ago to see about camping there etc, but the staff was very rude to us because we did not speak any French at all. They didn’t want a thing to do with us and made that very clear. Needless to say we will never go back to that part of Canada again.
    The rest of Canada was fine though. The people were very nice.


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