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Livesey’s Little Houses

shed tiny house project

by Jay Livesey

I’ve been really impressed with the Tiny Homes book by Lloyd Kahn and Tumbleweed’s DIY Book of Backyard Sheds and Tiny Houses by Jay Shafer and I wanted to tell you about my sheds. Having been in the construction business for 30 years I have become a believer in affordable and efficient house design. I am primarily a remodeler and in recent years have been specializing in finish and tile work.  Two years ago I started building high end garden sheds in my converted cabinet shop. I offer a few basic designs plus will build custom. Sizes are from 8 x 10 to 12 x 32. Complete turn-key package or just a shell; with a variety of interior finishes and siding, roofing, window and door options. We can deliver anywhere in Maine and New Brunswick.

This is a 10 x 16. It has a cedar shingle roof. The windows are tilt sashes with crown molding. The siding on the lower half is pine that is back primed with a 3 coat paint finish outside. With natural cedar shingle siding on the upper. There is room for a loft and seating area by the windows. Would make a nice guest house or coastal cabin. The door is a thermal wood door in fir finished in red oak stain and helmsman poly. The deck is pressure treated and so is the 2 x 6 subframe. All framing is 16 oc. The original asking price was $5,800.00

Livesey’s Little Houses
Jay Livesey
206 Montieth Rd
Bridgewater, Maine 04735
(207) 551-9455

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Kilby Hanna - September 12, 2013 Reply

Wow! That is just gorgeous. Too bad I live much too far from Maine. Good luck with your little houses. The people around New Brunswick and Maine are lucky indeed.

Hunter - September 12, 2013 Reply

Just beautiful. the price is excellent. Keep up the great work.

Rick Waggoner - September 12, 2013 Reply

That is just awesome, I want to do the same thing here in Arkansas but have realized the trend hasn’t caught up here & in my mind that’s the most cost-effective way to go, why ppl want huge homes is beyond me, with that much more to clean, smaller is the way to go, keep up the excellent work.

    Dan - September 16, 2013 Reply

    You should look Slabtown Customs. They build tiny houses right there in Arkansas. They have some great designs and they are quite affordable.

Beth - September 12, 2013 Reply

Very nice! It makes such a difference to go with a 10-foot width instead of 8 feet. And your window and siding choices really lend curb appeal.

Chris - September 12, 2013 Reply

Ditto to the comment about not living in a delivery zone. IMHO California is ripe for this, especially with the ‘green’ movement being so strong here.

Mary - September 12, 2013 Reply

Really lovely choices for the exterior. Very nice.

t - September 12, 2013 Reply

Pictures/floorplan of the interior??

deborah - September 12, 2013 Reply

perfect! but I always want to see the inside

Brenda - September 12, 2013 Reply

Kent, I love this!! Love it. Would it be possible to see some interior pictures? Thanks!

Charlie - September 12, 2013 Reply

How much to put it on wheels?

ginger - September 12, 2013 Reply

Possible to “kit” it for shipment to other states where the owner could assemble it? Like, like, like it!!!!

Ron Glidden - September 12, 2013 Reply

Do you have a website? More pictures would be nice. I assume the interior is unfinished. Any insulation installed? You may have a good thing going here, keep up the nice work!

Robert Lawrence - September 12, 2013 Reply

VERY nicely done – one of the most attractive tiny houses I’ve seen! The tasteful use of materials and detailing is top-notch, architecturally. I am an architect in central Texas, putting together a collection of my own designs, and I hope to do a co-op venture with a shed builder to eventually accomplish something similar to what you are doing.

Thanks for the encouragement, and much success with your endeavor!


    LK Sullivan - September 13, 2013 Reply

    I am in central Texas. Would love to see what you come up with!

    Cheri Hanson - September 14, 2013 Reply

    I’m in Fort Worth. Would also like to see what you might have to offer.

Gail M - September 12, 2013 Reply

Very cute! Open that door & let us IN!

Anthony - September 12, 2013 Reply

Whoa! I live in Massachusetts – is this still for sale? 🙂

Linda Jo - September 12, 2013 Reply

I love the outside look of this home. I am doing a similar one made from a shed. I just put in the septic, and am getting the plumbing done tomorrow. I had to put a smaller 96 foot shed outside it to hold my water heater and washer and dryer. Winter is on its way, so I am having a wall heater that runs off of propane installed. The cost to finish them off is quite expensive, but I think it will be worth it all in the end. I feel though trying to get contractors to help me on some projects I have the stress of building a new home. I really never wanted to go through that.. So be prepared for some of the projects to get professional people to handle them, and those costs.

Aldene - September 13, 2013 Reply

This is wonderful; do you have a brochure or website where you show this and other models?

Wayne - September 13, 2013 Reply

Nice, I assume no inside pics because inside is not finished, a lot of money just a shell.

    b- - September 15, 2013 Reply

    Actually a great price for the shell!

laura - September 13, 2013 Reply

Would like to be on your list for available homes.Live in Canada and cannot find a Tiny Home for sale.Can we have a peek inside? Keep up the excellent work.

Steve - September 14, 2013 Reply

I wish I had some land.

    June - December 28, 2013 Reply

    Steve, there is so much land around! I was wishing the same thing, thought I had to own it (wanted to till I realized that want/wish was preventing me from moving forward at this moment).

    Make friends. Breathe in abundance. Meet the right people. Be willing to share. I’m doing that and have just met some beautiful people who want to share their land with us, and long for community just as we do. I love the tiny house concept, just bring your home. (Pull up a chair!…..) Lots of luck and love!

Michele - September 15, 2013 Reply

Agree with other commentors, would like to know more about this exceptional design and how to get it on a trailer.

Jay Livesey - September 16, 2013 Reply

I should have mentioned that this particular building is not finished inside yet. I plan to finish it next month and I will try to post pictures then. perhaps some of you would have suggestions for how i should finish the interior. i was thinking either white cedar or pine with a sleeping loft. i hope to have a brochure and web site in the near future. thank you all for your encouragement. it’s a real boost to me. thank you again. Jay Livesey

Carol - November 10, 2013 Reply

Wow great looking buildings. I am trying to understand the water and facilities options folks use. I have a well, I could possibly tie into it, but for toilets, I have an old septic that I do not know how to connect with. Anyone have made these choices?

Lois Neway - November 13, 2013 Reply

Jay,I agree that this tiny home is one of the nicest looking outside and well constructed with 2×6 exterior walls I have ever seen. Because most tiny homes have 2×6 walls.The extra insulation area is really a plus. I am in the process of taking an old garage 35×42 and turning into a rental home. I have been in construction business with my husband for 30+ yrs.He is now deceased but he had some great ideas for small homes.I am going to use both our ideas in this one.He had designed steps that fold into the wall,and other things.When I get it done I will put it on tiny homes and send you copies..Love your ideas..
have a wonderful day..Lois

Jay Livesey - November 22, 2013 Reply

Hi I appreciate the continued encouragement. I have a new web site now. Its not as professional and attractive as this one. It is basically my online brochure. please have a look at it and let me know what you think. Thanks Jay

Sonya - December 5, 2013 Reply

That tiny home is absolutely gorgeous. We need these in Tampa.

cindy - December 9, 2013 Reply

How nice and great to know they are almost within our reach. We live in Nova Scotia and have 3 acres of land and are thinking small…. lol we would have to find a way to meet at the NB/NS border! LOL

    Jay Livesey - December 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi. I actually now have a way to deliver buildings into Nova Scotia and PEI. I have a friend in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia who hauls boats and can haul buildings. we are currently working on a possible project in PEI. So if your still interested you can contact me (207) 551-9455 email: or check out my web site at Please contact me if you have any questions.

W Tom Steele - January 10, 2014 Reply

Give me a gambrel roof with egress windows on both ends of the loft and I would want one of these. 10’x16′ would be a very good size for me.

    Jay Livesey - January 18, 2014 Reply

    I can build any design you like as long as you are in my delivery area.

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