Little Green Caboose

My dad Don Edmondson, was an artist/woodworker. He built three full size gypsy caravans in his lifetime. In the early 1990’s he built a caboose looking trailer in Maui. He put it in the jungle and used it as an art studio/sleeping place for the next year. He drew quite a few pinup girls in that space and some were featured in Easyriders Magazine. He lived in this trailer for 20 years.


We had many long talks about life inside as it sat in my great grandmother’s backyard in California. After he died we brought it up to Utah where it is now. I spent about a year filming local bands inside the Caboose just to have some more good memories. The results are on a youtube channel called “little green caboose.”

Guest post by James Rhodimer


2 thoughts on “Little Green Caboose”

  1. I just can’t see myself living in something the size of a camp trailer. I would get a little claustrophobic after a very short time. Cool caboose and story though.)

  2. sept 8.2016
    I just finished a 7×14 ft cargo trailer conversion. A labor of love,changed designs several times while building.THe day I had it all done and ready to hit the road up to north florida on a shakedown cruizs a man who had watched me build it stopped and handed me an envelope.He told me everything I did was zactly what he liked but he had no talent to do something as I had. When I opened the envelope it contained a signed check.My neighbor said,” I want to buy the trailer, name your price and make an old man very happy”.So I did,and I start tomorrow doing a camper with my explorer sport trac


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