Where it all began

In 1978 Jon Carroll (owner) tree planted with the largest worker owned co-op in the United States – Hoedads Reforestation Cooperative. With his family, including his 3 year old son Jen Carroll (owner), Jon spent half the year in the Northwest forests, working and living. They began with pitching a tent, but quickly found living this way difficult when the weather turned. Needing to get his family out of the mud, and into a clean, warm environment, Jon decided to construct a tiny house travel trailer. This was, before “Tiny” was in style. After some trial and error, the house became a functional and beautiful home for temporary use. Warm, cozy, and out of the mud!

Jon and 3 year old Jen adjusting the first tiny house in 1978

Later, when the Carroll family changed professions, and moved into town, they left their tiny lifestyle. Remembering affectionately that time, 35 years later, father & son (Jon & Jen Carroll), and Jen’s wife Malia (designer and analyst), have decided to revisit the tiny mobile design style. This time the team is bigger, the passion is strong, and the vision is largely shared.

Tru Form Tiny designs that move. The Kootenay 28 footer has a main floor bedroom along with two lofts. Large functioning spaces. A full kitchen and the finishes are top of the line. Quartz counter tops, farmers sink, dishwasher option Full size bathroom with W/D option and full size bath tub. Just because it’s Tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be top notch finishes. Enjoy and come design your own dream Tiny at www.truformtiny.com with our interactive design page.



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This is superb!! It can actually be perfect for a family with one kid ūüôā

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