Build Your Own Tiny Home with Special Funds

The latest buzz in the tiny house blog world is due to the Tiny House Project. This is where a group of artists, architects, and people who are passionate about sustainable living are getting together to build a small mobile community that will also serve as a traveling art exhibition.


“The Tiny House Project will put out a call for submissions asking artists for tiny house project proposals. Specific criteria for these proposals are being developed with input from members of the Project’s Advisory Committee to ensure that the resulting structures meet artistic, environmental, structural and communication objectives. A qualified selection panel will choose nine tiny house projects from the pool of applicants to receive funding (a more detailed description of this two-stage call follows). Each artist/project team will be given a 7’ x 14’ trailer bed and $23,000 to cover the cost of materials and artists’ fees associated with designing and building a tiny house that will then be incorporated into a temporarily occupied micro-community and a follow-on traveling exhibition.

If you are one of those who have been dreaming of building your own tiny home and have been designing and playing with ideas, but just not sure where the money will come from to complete your dream.

Get the details and apply for your chance of making your dream come true. I’m excited about this even though my designing skills are not great. I look forward to seeing what comes from this and am sure that it will help open the eyes of many new people who have not thought along these lines in the past.

If you’re interested in learning more visit The Tiny House Project . Be sure to subscribe to their RSS feedand sign up on their mailing list.

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2 thoughts on “Build Your Own Tiny Home with Special Funds”

  1. Wow. This looks really cool! It seems like a great way to foster conversation/thinking about housing.

    I guess it makes sense, but the information on the project’s webpage says the houses will be sold at auction, so it wouldn’t be a solution for people who hope to design and build their residence. (like me!) I look forward to seeing the clever designs that people come up with.


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