Blackbird Tiny Homes

Blackbird Tiny Homes is based out of the Calgary, Alberta area.

Here are three tiny homes we built for Theatre Calgary. They are parked downtown Calgary at Prince Island Park during the summer months and are used for their Shakespeare productions called Shakespeare by the bow.

Two of them are 16′ in length – one used for sound equipment and the other for merchandise sales.

The other is 24′ in length and is used as a change room for the actors.

They are all undersized compared to full time living tiny homes – these are 7′ wide and roughly 11′ in height. They come with standard 30 amp service, pine siding, basic R14 insulation and laminate flooring. There is no heating, water or lofts on the inside, just an empty shell. The openings on both 16′ tiny homes are assisted by gas shocks and are easy to open and close for anyone.

This is an excellent example of other uses for Tiny Homes. Theatre Calgary previously used small sheds that were on skids, poorly built, had no insulation or proper electrical service and they needed to bring in a crane with crew twice a year to install/remove them from the grounds which was not only costly, but damaged the park grounds which had to be repaired. Now they can hook them up to a truck and move at will!



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Evening Iris - August 27, 2017 Reply

I totally love the exterior stairs. Where do you get them???
We need a directory for THOW items like this.

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