Beautiful Coastal Tiny Home Community

Tiny Tranquility is a thriving coastal tiny home community on the Oregon coast. The owner, Josh Palmer, received a conditional use permit to transform an old nursery property into a beautiful village with year-round parking spots, amenities for days, and adorable rentals. Perhaps the best part for ocean lovers, the beach is across the street!

Unlike many other similar villages, Tiny Tranquility features spacious tiny house lots with beautiful landscaping. The hedges and shrubs planted between each make the spaces feel distinct and separate from the neighboring lot. Additionally, the rezoning of the commercial property to a “tiny home park” makes Tiny Tranquility distinct from other comparable communities.

Insight into the legal approval process for this coastal tiny home community:

“There had been a commercial use on the property, but technically this area is zoned residential. So I had to go through a process with the Lincoln County planning folks. It’s called a conditional use process; it’s actually a fairly lengthy process where they can say no.

It was not explicitly zoned for an RV park and certainly not a tiny home RV park. So it was about a 9 to 12-month process to make my case to first the city planners and ultimately culminated in a hearing before the Lincoln county planning commission, which is basically six citizens voting on whether or not they’re going to approve your development concept.

And then, after that, it was working with the county on various conditions that they wanted to place on the use of the property. It was a journey. And there were various possible derailers along the way, so it wasn’t without some stress. Because at any point, any of those derailers could have really have prevented the project from going forward.”

-Josh Palmer, owner/developer of Tiny Tranquility

Tiny Tranquility sites range in size from approximately 2,400 to 4,000 square feet. Lot rent is $650-$700 per month plus electricity. Fortunately, this includes access to all community buildings, laundry room (NOT coin-operated!), and on-site recycling. If you need more storage space, units are available for an additional $65 to $150 per month. All the amenities really make this coastal tiny home community shine. Additionally, you might say it’s necessary to survive the rainy winters on the Oregon coast. From solving cabin fever to socializing opportunities, the shared community lounge spaces are where it’s at for expanding living space.

Coastal Tiny Home Community Amenities:

  • 2,400 square foot lodge with TV room, bathrooms with showers, game room, library, laundry room, fireplace, large tables for crafting, BBQ area, and more
  • A second 2-story common area with ocean views with elevator access, lounge, and community kitchen
  • Exercise room with commercial-grade fitness equipment!
  • Two bonfire pits
  • Large greenhouse with a community garden and personal nursery space
  • Dog park
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