Where Do You Get Furniture For Your Tiny House

The traveler – strong, yet exhausted from his trek – looked up from the outpost where he had slept a few hours to half protect himself from the pounding snow of the region and half to rest his now-aching joints. He focused hard on a collection of jagged rocks that stood in formation some three miles away. It was not going to be an easy climb nor hike but he knew that only there could he find the answer to his question.

Where do you get furniture for your tiny house?

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a question worthy of an unruly hike to the peak of a mountain upon which a wise old man sits dispensing seemingly perfect wisdom. It is however a question that seems to be asked every once in a while of tiny house communities and forums. Where do you get furniture for your tiny house? If you are like Macy Miller of MiniMotives your decision on furniture comes out of necessity rather than idealistic planning and complete style-based decisions. In fact, in a recent blog post she took us through the timeline of butts needing seats in her tiny house. It is obvious that she made both necessity and style work in her favor.

Macy Miller furniture
photo © Macy Miller

That still leave the initial question though. Where do you get furniture for your tiny house? The obvious answer is IKEA. I mean, next to conversations about poop isn’t the “tie that binds” amongst tiny housers the inclusion of a NORBO (or maybe the NORBERG, if you are into the contemporary look) wall-mounted drop-down table? Mention tiny house furniture or storage and suddenly you find yourself deep into a conversation about IKEA, flat packing, clean lines, neutral tones, and perfect prices. Surely that can’t be the only option though. Yes, the LACK series in plain birch is almost too good to be true, but what if you don’t live within 9 hours of one of the Swedish mazes…I mean, stores…and you aren’t wealthy enough to pay for shipping? Here are some idea that may help you:

From multifunctional smart wall beds to convertible coffee tables, Expand Furniture (Vancouver, BC, Canada) have a wide variety of space expanding solutions. While they are a bit pricey, they do offer worldwide shipping and have designs that are incredibly clever and stylish. I especially recommend checking out their Wall Bed Sofa Combos!

This comes in under the “budget” heading. In recent years furniture using galvanized pipe and fittings has seemingly taken Pinterest by storm. There are DIYs for desks, shelves, lights, seats, etc. Truth is, folks like my dad have been cobbling together threaded pipes to make all sorts of ridiculous but necessary units for years. They are still very cool though and a quick search of the the Google-sphere will produce some very neat results that are both easy to build and sized for a tiny.

Pipe Shelves


In doing some research I came across a website that specializes in apartment size furniture which in any other terms means ‘furniture for your tiny house’. HOME | RESERVE.com works well for those of us needing to work with exceedingly small spaces, small entries, and even small stairs (or no stairs). The scale of the furniture offered suits the aforementioned applications, and the ready-to-assemble shipping method makes it easy to get the packages through tight quarters and into position.


I truly do love the innovation shown by Resource Furniture. Their take on furniture that is incredibly stylish, contemporary, and transforming. From the moment you arrive on their website you can see how a small space can be turned into very large living. Wondering what I mean? Go on over to their site and check out their video on Carmel Place; New York City’s first micro apartment development. Some of the features that would work well in any tiny house are the sofa wall bed, the rising coffee table, and pocket chairs.


Truth be told there is no store called “Furniture For Your Tiny House” or a website that exclusively sells furniture that doesn’t exceed 18″ deep and 60″ wide. Part of living in a small space – and one of the coolest parts, I think – is that it forces you to really connect with the space. You really have to determine what you need, what you just want, and what convention tells you you should have. It has been 8 years since my wife and I have had a dresser. We don’t even have drawers anywhere. We don’t see a need in it. Instead we have found ways of organization and storage that work for us and our collection of t-shirts. So don’t feel limited. Don’t search exclusively for tiny house furniture. Instead, find pieces you love and make them work. It’s your life and so far as I know, you’ve only got one of them to live. Have some fun!

What do you do for furniture in your small space? Is there a particular piece of furniture you simply must have? Where did you find it? 

By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. Another source is vintage and antique items…many of them are much smaller than the mega sized overstuffed items in the regular stores.

  2. I recently purchased a convertible coffee table for my studio apartment from savespacefurniture.com I was having trouble fitting a dining and a coffee table, this one expands and is a two in one. I was browsing many similar companies but found they have quality items for small places at much cheaper prices, all of their prices were in Canadian dollars also a bargain.

    • I have a tiny house furniture store in Sulphur Springs Texas

  3. Hey blogger, thank a lot for providing the information regarding “Where do you get furniture for your tiny house?”. its really very helpful for me to purchase furniture for my lovely home. Their take on furniture that is incredibly stylish, contemporary, and transforming. From the moment you arrive on their website you can see how a small space can be turned into a very large living. thanks a lot for this informative blog post.

  4. Much more appreciable content the furniture are really small in size than what you get on stores dose the same kind of work easy to fit in any corner of our house thanks for the blog I really liked it. regards

  5. Great tips! The coffee table looks incredible. I also like the wall beds and galvanized piping. It helps you store so many things. Love the creativity of your blog. I’m going to design this for myself for my house decor and would recommend this to my friends too. Great post. Keep posting.

  6. We sell BIG AND TINY HOUSE furniture at “tiny prices”. Come see our collection of tiny house items. Just East of Sulphur Springs on Interstate Hwy 30 E Exit 131 (FM 69) Stay on the service Rd 1/2 mile. Light gray and red building on the hill. You will be pleasantly surprised at the selection of beautiful furniture. Call 972-824-6549 for more info.

  7. My parents just downsized into a smaller one floor home, and they are having a hard time fitting all their furniture in their new place. I am intrigued by the wall bed sofa combo. I think this may be a good option for them, as it would open up the room, and allow for more seating.

  8. It’s so smart to get furniture that is really stylish, yet incredibly efficient. My sister is building a tiny home right now and she needs to start looking for furniture. It would be great if she could get custom furniture so that it fits in the small spaces she has.

  9. Hi Stacy, I really enjoy reading your blog and these have been some of my favorites this year as well. I am fairly new to DIY projects in general … We recently bought a house and are slowly repainting interior. I have done a couple furniture makeovers and I’m currently working on two dressers for my kids rooms. I noticed that you highly recommend the Home Rite paint sprayer. I’m wondering if it might be worth it for me to invest in that for furniture, the six panel interior doors that we have on each of our rooms and closets. I’ve also thought of refinishing the wood cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Will the sprayer that you use and have recommended be good for these purposes? Do you feel that it is easy to use and easy to clean? Do you clean it in between each used or can you save it for the next coat paint?


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