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Save space in a tiny house with two twins

If you sleep in a bed with a partner, you don’t share a pillow. So, why should you share a blanket? Having a double bed with twin blankets or duvets not only makes a lot of sense, but the idea can save a lot of room in a tiny space.

Twin blankets or duvets mean you always have your own.

Having twin duvets or twin blankets on a double bed is actually very common in some European countries. In the U.S., it might be considered a little odd, but it actually has a lot of benefits. These benefits go beyond the basic issue of couples stealing the covers from each other.

IKEA didn’t invent the twin duvet idea, but they tout the benefits.

My husband and I sleep in a queen bed, but we each have our own twin blanket or duvet. There are several reasons for this. We both have different ways in which we like to sleep. I tend to toss and turn and wrap my blanket up like a burrito and stick my feet out. He tends to stay still and likes his blanket straight and narrow (he’s ex-military). We also like different blanket weights: I tend to get colder at night and he tends to get too warm. Separate blankets solve these sleeping differences.

In a tiny or small house, two twins can also be beneficial. Rather than trying to wash a large blanket or a double duvet cover in a small washing machine, you will only need to wash two smaller blankets or covers. If you keep extra duvet covers stored away, you only need to store lighter, smaller versions.

Are there other ways to integrate the “two twins” idea into a tiny space? Getting two twin mattresses into and out of a loft is a lot easier than one big queen mattress. Having two small closets may be easier to work around than one big closet. Maybe plan for two small offices or two small armchairs rather than a couch?

The idea of two twins may seem like a very uncoupling way to live. However, the idea could save, not only space but also a little sanity.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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