Compact Washer/Dryer

I want to start covering more furnishings that will fit in small spaces and tiny houses. This week I will cover a simple and compact laundry solution for a small space with no venting capabilities.

The cool thing about this machine is its size. It is only 33.5 inches hight by 23.5 inches wide and 21.65 inches deep. It includes auto select wash and rinse temperatures; water-saving rinse option; self-locking door; adjustable leveling legs; and a 1 year warranty. The Haier Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo HWD1000 is an elegant all-in-one solution for the vexing problems of limited space and lack of venting.

Sandy from Minneapolis, MN says: Aside from the funny name this a great little washing machine. And then it dries. Dry time is longer but that’s to be expected as it is not a heated dryer.

What are the major benefits of combos?

The number one benefit is the compact size: they are smaller than most washers or dryers. In fact, many people install these units under their kitchen counter, because they only take up about as much space as a normal size dishwasher! In addition, casters allow the unit to be rolled around with ease whenever needed.

Also, the efficiency of combo units not only saves you money by using much less energy and water to operate than standard washers and dryers, but many utility companies offer rebates for purchases of energy efficient appliances. Check with your local utility companies for eligibility.

Not only are these units extremely energy efficient, but they wash much better (and gentler) than standard washers. Combos use a front load washing design that utilizes a horizontal axis drum. This eliminates the agitator common to top load washers. In top load washers, the agitator is both very inefficient at cleaning and very rough on clothes. The horizontal axis drum on combos mimics washboard clothes washing, raising the clothes out of the water and soap and plunging them back in. Finally, the high rpm’s of the spin cycle of these units gets water and soap residue out of your clothes much better than normal washers do. This efficient and thorough cleaning process is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin or allergies to laundry soap.

This Haier Washer/Dryer Combo holds 11 pounds and is lists for around $748.

So if you are looking for a washer/dryer unit for your tiny house use this one as a starting point in your search.

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17 thoughts on “Compact Washer/Dryer”

  1. First off, I really like your blog. Very cool. Secondly, these dryers suck. They are decent washers, but the drying sucks. The clothes come out very wrinkled and still damp. We always had to put our damp clothes on hangers and hang them in the bathroom until they dried. We used a similar device by the same manufacturer for almost three years. It is perfect if you have two people in the house. Any more than that, you will need a “real” washer and dryer. If you want a decent washer and it is okay if your clothes are steam dried, then get this. You will need to let your clothes air dry a bit. It is better than going to the laundromat though.

  2. Thanks Anthony for some first hand experience. It’s good to know how they really work. I am hoping to present some options of what is available in the small furniture/appliance world and I won’t know everything about them. So if you or anyone can offer suggestions please contact me.

  3. Kent… Love that you’re going to cover appliances more. And like Anthony’s comment above, I hope other people chime in with first hand experiences. It really helps to hear these first hand reports.

  4. I have to disagree with Anthony re: inadequate drying, at least with regard to my LG combo. We’ve had ours since January, and, while some clothes come out wrinkled (jeans and other heavy trousers, generally), everything else is steamed and gorgeous when the dryer bell chimes. Sometimes, cotton blends feel damp; I just give them a few shakes, and all of the steam evaporates, leaving my clothes bone-dry.

    If the dryer is overloaded with heavy items (towels, sheets, the aforementioned trousers), it will leave things damp. I just set it to dry for another 30 to 60 minutes, and presto! Dry, dry, dry.

    All in all, a great recommendation from the Living Small house. Thanks for blogging these laudable laundry machines, Kent.

  5. I own a LG Compact Washer/Dryer and some of the advertising on these machines can a bit misleading.

    #1 Noise and vibration during spin cycle – these things spin @ 500-1500 RPM and when they spin the really go! There can be a lot of shimmy and noise involved depending on where one sits the unit.

    #2 Dry time is longer – it sure is! Don’t put in a load of clothes and expect to wear them right away clean and dry – drying on a full load can take 3 hrs. and a complete cycle is 4.5 hrs.

    #3 It is not a heated dryer- nope there is in fact a heating element in the unit to assist with drying, I’ve seen it, and felt it in the form of a heated room.

    #4 It’s Small – These things are NOT for a family of 4 or people with a lot of washing needs (babies), but for 2 people it works quite nicely.

    #5 Wrinkles!!! You have to use fabric softener because the nature of the long drying time can lead to very wrinkled clothes if you don’t use it.

    Over all I am VERY happy with my LG compact. The keys are; don’t overload, be patient and don’t wait till the last minute but rather plan ahead. I wash over night and the timer assures my laundry is ready the next morning or when I return from work.

    My LG, ,combined with line drying, makes for a very efficient combination.

  6. Hi Folks … I love the TinyHouseBlog and read it almost daily. Most times I’m learning from you folks, but on this post, I finally have knowledge to share. I own a LG clothes processor and I highly recommend these little units. As you know, they wash the load and when done, they begin drying the load with no assistance required from you. My unit is 110 A/C and does not require exhaust (condenser). When possible, I use the washer cycles and then hang the laundry to dry. But, in inclement weather I’ll set it to run the entire load. It works flawlessly and is extremely efficient. Unlike traditional laundry equipment, all this little fellow wants is a cold water hookup (it’s heat its own water) and a regular electric plug so it can be situated most anywhere I want it. If I have any negative thing to say about it, I wish the dry cycle did not take so long, but … I’ve gotten accustomed to it and don’t really give it much thought any longer. Also, if you use the dry cycle, when the clothes are complete, you really need to fold them RIGHT THEN and even still, it’ll likely there will be some wrinkling. Considering the small amount of space it requires, the small amount of energy it uses and the high degree of reliability, these little things are pricey but overall, they’re worth every penny. I replaced a fancy-smancy Maytag and my little LG performs equally as well.

  7. My concern is if one part goes out you have to replace the whole thing. My Kenmore front-load washer dies after 4 years and the repairman said its all too common. You have a motor on the side of the drum, one belt pulling on two bearings and eventually one goes, and all too soon…

    The worst part is the bearings are now sealed in so you can’t just replace the bearing. In my instance I would have had to buy the motor AND an unnecessary circuit board for $400. ..not worth it.

    I’m stuck in an old cinder block house where the depth of the space of the dryer is limited to 28″ (including any vent pipe…)

    I primarily use the Breeze Catcher clothesline, but in my remodel I have to put in a dryer for resale… sad.

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  9. Compact washer dryer have been a solution to all your washing problems in today’s time. Some reasons that made these products stand apart from basic machines are listed below:
    1. Compactness
    2. Energy Saver
    3. Save Water
    4. User friendliness
    5. All in One

    In the past few years there has been a new “player” in the field of laundry machines-the washer dryer combo. A washer dryer combo is designed to take up less space than both a stackable washer dryer and a side-by-side washer dryer. The washer dryer combo has one very important distinguishing factor–you wash and dry in the same machine!

  10. Hi Kent,
    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I’m making a website about washer dryer combos ( ) and I have not come across this Haier model before. I’ll definitely have to add it to my website in the future. It looks like a quality machine at a comparatively low price. Thanks again! 🙂

    • I have owned a Haier HWD1000 washer/dryer combo for over three years now. When it arrived, the LED panel did not work and it took Haier / Compact Appliance over 4 months to get the correct part.

      It has never dried correctly. If you put a dry wash cloth into the machine using only the dry cycle, you have to wring water out of it after a 2 hour dry cycle. It does have a heater in it and still uses cold water to dry with. Soft cotton drys ok most of the time but sweats, towels, jeans, etc almost never dry – just get wetter.

      It collects lint in the heater / water assembly but there is no access to remove the lint resulting in taking the heater assembly apart to clean out the lint. When it is full of lint, it will not dry anything. Takes about 2 hours to take the heater and manifolds apart to clean them.

      It washes ok but you have to be careful to not overload or underload it or it will actually bounce off the floor since it has no out of balance sensor.

      We have friends in our building who have the LG model and they have had a few small problems but nothing compared to the problems the HAIER products seem to have.


  11. Old, old post, but relevant to me, so he we go!

    I got really sick of trips to the ‘mat, so I started looking into an alternative to giving time and money to a boring place with one purpose. So I looked to get shook from it, if you will. And I did…

    Ever hear of a twin tub washer? I bought a Danby, and man, what a cool thing. Folks used to use these types of washers in the 50’s/60’s, and they continue to have an appeal in certain places of the world. My kitchen being one, heheh.

    Let me tell you the main reason, beyond shaking the yoke that tied me to a laundromat. This past Sunday, I did a full load in my washer/spinner. That included a pair of jeans, a flannel pj set, 5 shirts, and various sundry socks and the like. That’s a full load in this machine. I did the load at about 10 am, and wore the flannel to bed, fully dry. By about 11pm, the jeans were largely so as well. The shirts were dry by that time as well. How? The spinner. It sucks out the water and moisture, and you hang these things INSIDE your home, and they dry. Not outside. If you have that option, they’d probably dry even quicker.

    Well, what does that matter, TDHO? I’ll tell you. The most consumptive part of doing laundry, energy wise, is drying. With what is said above, 4.5 hours to get a load close to dry is using quite a bit of energy. My little Danby spins in 5 minutes, and I hang the clothes, and the next day, you’re in them. Zero cost to dry. ZERO. I do about 1-2 loads a week, and if it was at a ‘mat, that would be about 14 dollars, and time spent in an alien environ. With this Danby, I sit right here and watch the water level, get it washing when it’s ready, drain it when it’s time, and do a rinse load and last spin. I hang the clothes and let the ambiance of my little place take care of the rest.

    My little Danby twin tub was $299, no shipping cost. You can probably find a close figure if you’re diligent. I’ve done probably 50 loads in this machine getting my laziness with laundry (dealing with a ‘mat) back to EVERYTHING clean, and now it’s just 1-2 loads a week. So easy, and mine’s been near infallible. No money in slots for a wash. Zero quarters for a dry. It’s just 5 feet from me when I chose to use it. Liberating.

    I highly recommend this unit, especially for a tiny house. Attaches to a sink, no pressure load, and simply does what you want it to do. Clean your clothes.

    Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

    I ain’t shy, heheh.

  12. Hoe many gallons of water does this machine require per wash load, and how many gallons does it drain? I don’t have a drain access other than a large tub.




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