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Straw Bale and Timber Frame

Straw bale works extremely well with timber frame construction. It is a great infill for tiny houses and small cottages. Andrew Morrison of Jacksonville, Oregon with his company at has designed the neatest little cottage using these two elements.

This peaceful little cottage is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who is interested in learning about building with straw bales, or for anyone who is looking to have a cozy peaceful retreat space added to there homestead.

It has passive solar capabilities built right in, and of course incredibly insulative walls. The stamped concrete floor can collect solar energy during the cool winter days through the large south facing windows and radiate it into the space at night. The design also presents many round elements such as rounded walls and windows and an open beamed arched ceiling that look to capture the organic qualities inherent in straw bales. An electrical plan is included on the floor plan and it features a lighting element along the ridge beam that absolutely drips with warmth.

The Sunset Cottage is a small yet cozy 200 square foot structure elegantly designed. It is very spacious inside with a large window seat and areas that can accommodate built in features such as closets and beds. It has a beautifully curved open beam ceiling that gives the space a “open” feeling. It is relatively easy to build and is a great way for someone interested in building with straw bales to create a nice art studio, meditation space, or guest house.

If timber frame and straw bale is of interest to you do yourself a favor and look this one over. For more information on this cute little cottage go to:

Interior Sunset Cottage

Interior Sunset Cottage

Interior Coach

Interior Coach Bed

Sunset Cottage Ceiling

Sunset Cottage Ceiling

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Tim - July 2, 2008 Reply


We really like your strawbale cottage. Are plans available?


Kent - July 3, 2008 Reply

Hi Tim,

Click on the link above. It will take you to a site where you can buy plans and/or a DVD of how to build teh strawbale cottage pictured above.


Tiny Home Gallery - October 22, 2008 Reply

[…] […]

Subhasha - July 22, 2010 Reply

Beautiful example of straw bale building. Thought you might like a photo of the timber frame and straw bale house I built here in Varmland, Sweden.
I have included the website of the course center where the house is. I think there are some more photos there.
I do so hope more and more people will see the wisdom of “KISS”…….. small and simple and of course sustainable.

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