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Timber Cabin with Decks in the California Redwoods

Jeff Waldman, his partner Molly and some of their friends have worked together to construct a cabin and a small group of tree decks into the native  California Redwoods in the wooded mountain region of Santa Cruz.

In the last two years, this group cleared the land, respecting the largest trees and used natural timber structure to tie in with the surroundings. The cabin is the main unit and a ‘cube’ outhouse, a wood-fired hot tub, a heated open-air shower and many decks make up the compound.

This was a DIY project with no previous design or construction skills. Thank you Jeff for sharing this beautiful project with us.

You can learn more here and follow on Instagram here.



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ATBScott - December 19, 2018 Reply

No interior pics? Really? Looks like a nice little place, but only the outside doesn’t make it too compelling.

    Kent Griswold - December 19, 2018 Reply

    Still a work in progress, I just added a couple more though.

D. Pedersen - December 19, 2018 Reply

I usually follow the Tiny House Blog. I do not know if a new programmer has started to do the pages, but for some time a lot of pictures are missing in both Safari and Firefox. I can see, that there are supposed to be photos – there is a blank image placeholder – but no photo. This is often due to naming the photo incorrectly in the image link. Like using capital letters where it is sopposed to be the opporsite. Or viseversa. Some browsers, on some systems, do not care about the difference. But most browsers do.

    Kent Griswold - December 20, 2018 Reply

    Hi, we are looking into the problem. Thanks for letting me know. -Kent

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