Modern Garage Conversion Tiny House

Have you ever considered turning a garage into a living space? Digs Co did just that. This husband and wife team created a garage conversion tiny house vacation rental. It’s a charming modern living space with quirky decor and fun features. For example, they installed netted lounge space, aka a Bird’s … Read more

Off-Grid Shed Conversion Home on Reservation

shed conversion home

Vernita and Travis live in an off-grid shed conversion in northern Arizona. They transformed a 10-foot by 16-foot shed into a 160 square foot tiny house on their multigenerational homestead. Impressively, turning the shell into a full-functioning home cost them less than $10,000. However, it doesn’t include a bathroom. They … Read more

Playhouse and Food Cart Tiny House Conversions

tiny house conversions

Welcome back to Michelle (MJ) Boyle’s enchanting My Tiny House Village for tours of her largest and smallest rentals. Both tiny house conversions are completely transformed from their original form.  Michelle transformed a long-time pancake food cart into a charming wine-themed tiny house with a downstairs sleeping area with a … Read more