Hurricanes on the Horizon

I chose to live in a tiny floating home to be able to travel to beautiful tropical islands, Where The Coconuts Grow. Just as other parts of the world face natural disasters like tornados and earthquakes, the part of the world I live in faces volcanoes and hurricanes. Just last … Read more

Cubicco Cabana

For anyone living in hurricane prone areas of the U.S., a new prefab company is designing and building units just for you. Cubicco designs and builds various sized units that can be attached together to create a larger building, but the one that is attracting attention is the tiny Cabana … Read more

Scrap House and Hurricane Sandy

scrap house

I covered Ted Fort and his scrap house back in 2009. This is a home he built for free while in high school. You can check out his blog and learn more about the project. Yesterday he sent me an update on how it is holding out so far … Read more