Modern Garage Conversion Tiny House

Have you ever considered turning a garage into a living space? Digs Co did just that. This husband and wife team created a garage conversion tiny house vacation rental. It’s a charming modern living space with quirky decor and fun features. For example, they installed netted lounge space, aka a Bird’s … Read more

Faircompanies Video Updates

I have fallen behind on my friend Kirsten Dirksen of videos and wanted to share her last couple of videos with you. Recently Kirsten was in France at a wedding and filmed the first story of the garage conversion. The second video comes from the Tiny House Blog joint venture with Kirstin calling for video stories and Deek shared his recently with Kirsten.

Jérémie Buchholtz wanted an affordable apartment in Bordeaux (he’s a photographer who splits his time between Paris and Bordeaux so his budget was limited), but he wasn’t finding anything he liked. Then he stumbled upon a listing for a garage.

In order to make the space feel larger, De Marien created a “house within a house”: one large piece of furniture that includes the bathroom, bedroom, office, closet, a sofa bed and all of the home’s storage. With everything contained in this large furniture box, the rest of the home was given more breathing room. View the complete story here.

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