GNomadik Tiny Houses

mini house

We are a team from Vancouver Island, BC, and we have just launched our new tiny home business, with our first tiny home! We are looking to share our vision with as many tiny home groups as possible. Gnomadik Homes is located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. … Read more

Straatlokaal Dumpster Structures

Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten of FOUNDation Projects in Utrecht, Holland  have been making recent news for their ability to turn the ordinary dumpster into a unique space – with items actually recovered from dumpsters. Their current designs are being used as meeting spaces and bars, but with a … Read more

Wandering Book Artists Gypsy Wagon

Peter and Donna Thomas are book artists from Northern California who have been spending the last year traveling around the U.S. in a handmade gypsy wagon. The wagon is their temporary home as well as a place for them to sell their books, teach book arts workshops and give talks and lectures. Wherever they’ve gone, their gypsy wagon has attracted attention for its whimsical color and design.

Peter and Donna fell in love with gypsy wagons when they were craftspeople at Renaissance fairs. Many of the fair vendors built the wagons to sleep in and sell their wares from. Peter and Donna built the wagon on a 16-foot Carson car hauler. The entire trailer weighs 3,800 pounds and it took them three years to build. The rafters were made with laminated pine boards and the floor with locally milled sugar pine. It is insulated, contains a small kitchen and electricity. They have a camping toilet in the closet and a solar shower that they keep in their tow vehicle, but the couple usually use campgrounds, friendly locals and universities for their bathing.

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Tiny Artists’ Retreats

Lori Marie is an artist/craftista who works out of a tiny house in her backyard in Oakland. She fills it with her crafting supplies, sewing machine and computer, her French bulldog Matilda, and lots of color. Her pretty little studio has a tiny deck and even a tiny garden. She … Read more